Securus Technologies Bridges the Family Gap with their Video Visitation program

Time is of great essence when preparing to visit an inmate. You have to adjust your priorities to get the right moment to visit an inmate during specific days. For children, it could mean giving up weekends or even schooling days. Securus Technologies has come up with an answer for people in correction facilities. The company presents a mobile visitation program that seeks remove challenges experienced with traditional prison visits. The new software comes with a great convenience for people that use the service. People that want to use Securus video visitation program can do so through their mobile devices or computers. All that one needs is an internet connection, and they are ready to go.


Apart from the convenience that comes with the program, the ability for children to connect with their parents is the most beneficial part of the system. Anyone that has gone with a child for prison visits knows the challenges. It involves a long distance and a long wait line that could be very tiresome. Children may sometimes cry when they see that they cannot be with their parents. The video visitation eliminates limitations that come with the traditional visitation. It offers inmates a chance to talk to their families at any time. The visitation program has become the most exciting thing in correction facilities. Families and prisoners wait in anticipation for the time they would get to talk to the loved ones.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology firm with offices in Dallas, Carrollton, and Allen. The company has been providing communication and technical services for thirty years. It has majored in particular services such as investigations, monitoring, public safety, corrections and public information. Securus Technologies serves approximately 3,400 prisons spread at different parts of the United States. The company is committed to keeping families and friends together.


One advantage of the video visitation technology is that it is easy to use. Families can communicate with inmates, comfortably and safely from their homes. They do not have to go through several security checks or travel for long distances so as to be with their loved ones. The visitation program gives inmates a chance to communicate with people that have no time to visit. People that benefit from the program should include young children, an elderly parent or even a pregnant spouse. The kind of solutions provided by the company has proved to help better family relationships. Connecting families through a simple visitation program make a special moment for inmates and their loved ones.

The Role of National Title Clearing Inc.



One of the leading causes of hindrances in the real estate industry is defective titles. They hold back the process of transferring properties; this has contributed to the stagnation of properties in the market. According to the National Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC), property records play a great role transferring property from one owner to another. These files carry information needed to determine whether the transaction can be successful or not. If the information were unavailable, then buying or selling of property would be inefficient. For this reason, NTC has created a website for property records.


Causes of Title Defects


Title deed defects result when another person, not included in the transaction, claims ownership of the property. Other reasons lead to title defects as listed below.


  • Failure to include the signature of a person claiming ownership of the property; this includes the signature of a spouse.


  • Sometimes people borrow loans and use properties as collateral. If the property is used as collateral, its ownership cannot be transferred to another person.


  • Terms included in the documents may fail to comply with the required standards of real estate in a particular area.


  • Failure to follow the recommended procedure whenever filling property records.


The above reasons can hinder proper conveyancing. To avoid title defect, NTC has prepared records and reports to guide property buyers. These records are available on their website. They include; Tax Status Report, the report of the current owner, and Assignment verification report among others.


How are the Records and Reports Prepared?


NTC has prepared these reports based on the available land records for the residential property. Although the process of acquiring all these information is automated, NTC uses manual verification to reduce errors that may occur during data collection. It also obtains data from lenders to give accurate reports on the property.


About NTC


National Title Clearing, Inc. Is a privately owned company that deals with the provision of research and document processing services to the resident mortgage industry. The company was founded in the year 1991 and is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company provides the most accurate and timely records on the residential mortgage industry. It is estimated that eight out of ten residential mortgage companies in the country rely on NTC for property records. The company concentrates on the provision of land research records, reports on the property, lien release services, document tracking, and assignment services among other custom business solutions.

The Accomplishment that the OSI Group Has Made in the Food and Beverage Industry

The OSI Group is an enterprise that has specialized in the processing of foods and beverages. The company started its operation is 1909 as a local business, and its head offices are located in Aurora, Illinois. It has currently developed into a prosperous firm, and approximately 20,000 employees rely on them for a paycheck. The foods that are has majored in manufacturing are meat patties, hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, and vegetable products. OSI has gained a good image in the food and beverage sector and has also been recognized by the Forbes magazine as a top company.

The OSI Group has currently been transformed into a multinational enterprise that yields profits that add up to billions of dollars. The CEO of the business, Sheldon Lavin, has been one of the people who has notably supported its development. He is a renowned management expert and gained recognition from the Vision World Academy that offered him the Global Visionary Award. Lavin’s endless efforts have enabled the firm to build 60 different branches that are located in 16 countries across the globe

The firm has also been acknowledging for conserving the environment. It was one of the 18 companies that the British Safety Council recognized in 2016. OSI was offered the Global Honor Award, which was dedicated to identifying businesses that had developed exceptional approaches in addressing various environmental hazards. The British Safety Council awarded companies that had a five-star score in the environmental inspection that it conducted last year.

OSI Group has been focusing on its progress, and in 2016 it acquired Baho Foods from the Dutch. The company withheld the transaction’s details from the public since it is privately held. The major commodities that Baho Food processes include portable meals, deli meat, and snacks. According to the administration of the OSI Group, the purchase of Baho Food will significantly assist it to have a broad variety of products and brands that can fulfil the always changing needs of the clients.

Baho Food runs five Netherlands and Germany-based subsidiaries. They are Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, and Vital Convenience. The market of these companies is based in 18 countries in Europe. Some staff member of Baho Food were retained to serve OSI, and one of them is John Balvers, who acted as the MD of the firm. He will be in the executive management of the OSI Group, and his presence will assist in having a smooth transition.

For more information, find OSI Group on Facebook.

George Soros Gives Two Million To Take Down Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is one of the most-reviled law enforcement agents in America, and he conjures images of corruption in the highest. He has been challenged quite a few times, and George Soros is making the strongest push yet to move Arpaio out of office. This article explains how George Soros has created a Super-PAC that will target Arpaio, ensure his ouster from office and keep him from enacting more racist policing policies.

#1: Arpaio Is Not Popular Among Progressives

Joe Arpaio is often held up as the worst example of a sheriff in America, and he has enacted quite a few policies that are hard on inmates, racist within the community and cause strife among the people. He has been accused of widespread corruption, and he is guilty of being abrasive to everyone who disagrees with him. He is not the way forward in America, and George believes he can properly fund a super-PAC that will help remove Arpaio from office.

#2: How Much Is George Giving?

George Soros is giving $2 million to the effort, and he is waging war against corrupt lawmen in several parts of America. Their names are not known as well as Arpaio’s but they are people who do wrong every day in the name of the law. George understands that he must move on a presidential election that did not go his way, and he is moving into a place where he must work diligently until the midterm elections in 2018.

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#3: Why Is George Soros Important For Progressives?

Progressives around the world worship George for his efforts to fund politicians who will do right in the world, and he has been held up as an example of a benefactor who makes the world better. He works quite hard with politicians such as Hillary Clinton to make the world a better place, and he has moved on from the Clinton campaign to offer this generous $2 million gift to those who need it. He has found partners who are willing to give their own money, and he will work until results are found in the Arpaio case.

#4: When Will George Succeed?

George is an old man with billions of dollars to spend, and he works quite hard every day to see the world become a kinder place to live. He understands that he has a platform to help people, and he will do so as much as possible while he is able. He recently moved his investments into stable gold and precious metals because he is concerned about Donald Trump’s election, and he will fight the good fight in the trenches where his policies may be fought.

George Soros is an advocate who believes in making the world a friendlier place, and he wishes to move Joe Arpaio out of office. George’s support has paid for a super-PAC that will help the Maricopa County residents against Arpaio fight, and he believes that bringing down poor law enforcement officials will help save lives, prevent racism and change the system.

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Let Ignition Financial Help Your Business To Get The Auto Loans You Need

Almost any business will need a car or several cars in order to stay in business, so it’s no surprise when a business chooses to buy a fleet of cars to serve their customers or to help their business thrive. Even a business will need loans to finance all the cars that they are purchasing, especially when it’s two or more. A business owner who has the credit rating to purchase several cars may still want to consider looking into refinancing for their fleet of cars, especially since it can mean a big savings for the business.


Even those businesses who are considering buying a fleet of cars can work with Ignition Financial to get started in the buying process, and they’ll be able to get in on the ground floor on purchasing their cars with the lowest financing rates as opposed to refinancing later. Refinancing is still possible, even when the business starts the financing process with Ignition Financial because things change all the time, and it’s always possible to get lower rates, especially when the buyer makes on-time payments and has a good credit history. Many businesses may be paying a higher rate now than what they can get with Ignition Financial.


The benefits of working with Ignition Financial is being able to slash my payments, which is something that many companies think about when they have a bottom-line to consider on a monthly basis. Why should a company pay $5000 a month for a fleet of cars that they can possibly be paying $3000 a month for if they get refinanced? It’s never a good idea to let the opportunity of refinancing a car or several cars go to waste, whether you’re a business or an individual trying to get lower payments.


Since Ignition Financial can save anyone money, even individuals who are not using their car for business should refinanced with the company because they’ll be able to see a savings in the amount of money they are paying now as well as reduced interest payments. Many families need every dime that they can keep in their pocket, so reduced payments that can save a family $100 a month or more can be very significant for those who need it. Let Ignition Financial be your first stop for refinancing any car loan, and you’ll see that not all refinancing companies are made the same.


One Man Can Change the World

Society is designed such that we all have a niche and a role to play in its betterment. Be it in our capacities or as organizations, we should undertake effective measures to ensure a better future for ourselves and the coming generations. Unfortunately, some of us 0ften get pre-occupied with the direct opposite.

Abuse of office has been on the rise. Corruption and greed have resulted in a stroller developmental process within societies. Save for a few individuals who give their all to ensure some significant change in the society.

One such individual is Kevin Seawright. He has been an element of transformation for Newark and its people. He has offered leadership and made a working and behavioral structure in both the public and private coffers. According to World Class Magazine, Kevin Seawright has seen through a complete transformation of Newark across all fields. He has motivated the youth by creating numerous employment opportunities.

Driven by a passion for success, he has instilled the same qualities he has to thousands of others in his team for Newark’s good. He is the current Chief Financial and Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic and Development Corporation.

His policies at the organization have been transformational. He has significantly improved the welfare of his team comprising mostly energetic youth.

Kevin Seawright has initiated projects that offer employment and paid internships to students. As a result, not only is work created but is also a source for all that needed working experience. He believes that students should acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to compete equitably in the job market.

His projects are technology driven so that students can keep up with the dynamic and ever-changing technologies. He has forged collaborations with other local organizations to ensure his dreams and goals for success are actualized.

If the world had people like Kevin Seawright, it would be heaven on earth. However, greed and selfishness makes people to turn against one another. Some of the evils he is fighting like corruption have not always gone well with such individuals. However, he is always working on it.

The Process Of Using Stem Cells To Treat Lung Diseases

The Lung Institute is recognized throughout the world regarding a revolutionary treatment for diseases of the lungs. This treatment has not only shown success, but is minimally invasive and uses therapy with stem cells. Using more than a centuries worth of experience, patients are given the utmost in safety, quality in the services they receive and a modern facility.

The Lung Institute uses a combination of stem cells form each patients own body as well as plasma to help heal tissues that have been damaged in the lungs. This gives their patients the ability for easier breathing and helps to improve the quality of their lives. According to, they started the institute in 2013, have a rate of success of seventy per cent and have helped more than three thousand patients. Stem cells promote the natural healing of the body and can benefit people in all different stages of disease. Most of the treatments given are outpatient and take just three days time.

Fully matured stem cell tissues can be grown from cells in the embryonic state. The process is difficult, but it is possible. Stem cells come from an embryo forming at approximately three weeks of age. At five weeks, the embryo becomes different organs. Using this process, cells for the lungs can be grown. Extensive research in this field has been done with the embryos from mice. A gene known as the Nkx2-1 has high importance in the growing of stem cells for lungs.

A breakthrough came in 2006 when the discovery of how to take a differentiated cell from an adult and get this cell to turn itself back into a stem cell was made. The process was improved in 2008 and became a BU tool. This tool has been patented and is used all over the world as the basis for stem cells.

Using this technology, skin cells have been taken from individuals suffering from diseases of the lungs and turned into stem cells. This has created a bank for diseases of the lungs that has over one-hundred different diseases. All of them were derived from the lines of specific stem cells. Unfortunately, at this time the way to turn these cells into lungs has not been found.



Remote Controlled Lighting With Gooee LEDs

There is no longer a need to hit the dimmer switch on the wall panel when the lights need to come down low for a romantic evening. This can be done right from bed by hitting a little button on a touch screen smart phone. Life is being made easier by the masterminds at Gooee, bringing WiFi enabled smart LED bulbs into residential homes everywhere.


Like the feature of dimming your overhead chandelier from bed? No problem. By switching out existing bulbs for Gooee LED bulbs in other areas of the home, those areas also become remote control enabled. Even if you are expecting dinner guests right after you get home from work, it is possible to eliminate one step from prepping your space by toning down the overhead pendants and turning on the wall sconces, while setting all of the lights to a warmer light temperature all from your smart phone while sitting in your car before driving home.


These are some of the fancier abilities that Gooee LED’s have the capabilities for, but they also work by detecting occupancy in a room, turning on and off as persons move through different areas of the home. This is not only convenient but saves money and is more energy efficient. It is easy to incorporate these features in the home all at once or little by little, just by switching out one of the bulbs and hooking it up to your device to see how easy and lovely it is.

Eric Lefkofsky Empowers Physician’s to treat Cancer with Tempus

Eric Paul Lefkofsky ( is an entrepreneur from Southfield, Michigan with a determination to succeed. After attending the Univeraity of Michigan and graduating with honors in 1991, he attended the Univeraity of Michigan Law School and graduated in 1993 with his Muris Doctor. He persevered through many business ventures on his pathway to success and has a current role as founder and CEO of Tempus.

He is the co-founder of companies like Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. Most recently, Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus in 2016 and is currently CEO of the company.

After graduating law school, Lefkofsky and a friend from college bought an apparel company, Brandon Apparel, with money they borrowed from family. The two went on to create Starbelly in 1999. Starbelly was an Internet company that sold promotional items. In 2000, Halo Industries bought the company, and Lefkofsky was hired as CEO. The company soon went bankrupt and faced many lawsuits, but they were all resolved. This didn’t prevent or stop Lefkofsky in any way.

In 2001, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings to service print orders for companies. In 2005, he went on and started Echo Global Logistics. This was far from the end for Lefkofsky. In 2006, he did it again with the MediaBank, which provides customers with planning, buying, and accounting software.

Then in 2007, he provided capital to fund This online collective action website later changed its name to In 2010, it was Lightbank, a firm designated with starting new companies in Chicago. In 2014, it was an analytic company, Uptake, LLC. Now, Lefkofsky is on to his new venture, Tempus.

This Bizjournals article discusses how Tempus is a technology company providing physicians the ability to provide personalized cancer care to patients. Physicians have the capability through Tempus’s innovative interactive analytical and machine learning platform to deliver cancer care that is focused and well-informed. Molecular profiles and genomic data is collected for analyzing. Physicians can then analyze a profile that is similar to their patient’s data to make the best decision possible for this patient. Each patient, each tumor is treated individually using the information that is stored in an easy accessible location.

The genomic sequencing services, analytical process of molecular and therapeutic data is unique in its ability to allow doctors to make split second decisions based on data. The data allows patients to receive the best possible treatment based on treatment records of patients in the past.

Tempus has taken cancer treatment to a new level. Tempus’s doesn’t simply store the data, it also produces a report that is detailed about the patient’s current cancer state and additional information that will assist with generating an effective plan for treatment. The standard of cancer care has just been amplified.

The Life and Career of Mark Sparks

Very few people would be willing to share the secret about been successful with others, and if they did, they would attribute it to luck. This is not the case with Mark Sparks. He even wrote a book detailing his personal experience with success.

Noticeably, despite the success that Mark has enjoyed in business and investments, he does not see himself above anyone. When in college, Mark was not good in books and was often considered as a C student.

To show that hard work and determination can lead to success, Sparks has written a book called They Can’t Eat You. The book is available at many bookstores but can also be found on Amazon. Like other rich men of his caliber, he does not keep all the money he makes for himself as he is very active when it comes to giving.

As for Mark Sparks, he says that he started a multitude of businesses rather than concentrating on just one business. For this reason, he is often referred to as a serial entrepreneur, and he specializes with telecommunication. Most importantly, he is known as a venture capitalist.

This means that he specializes in giving money to those businesses with the prospect of developing into something successful. Over the course of the years, he has been involved with several companies which have proven to be successful under his watch. Some of these companies include;

Timber Creek Capital

Mark Sparks has been involved with this firm since 2000 to date. Timber Creek Capital is a firm that specializes in offering entrepreneurial assistance to clients.

This assistance may range from capital to banking and sales services. The services may also include office space, customer service knowledge as well as legal and accounting services and even web and graphic assistance.

GlobalTec Solutions

He was involved in this company from the year 2001 to 2005 where his main role was to help clients make decisions about various products.

Splash Media.

Mark Sparks has been with this company since 2004. This is a big marketing company based in the USA and one that specializes in various services such as SEO, SEM, Video Production and programming services.

He has also been involved with a company called Reliant HealthCare from 2006 to 2011. In the same period, Mark was also working with another company called Agency Matrix that specialized in offering financial services that mainly dealt with automation of services in a business environment. Other ventures that Sparks has been involved with include Blue Jay Wireless as well as Cobalt Real Estate Services.