Lime Crime Makeup: Playful, Glamorous, Androgynous, And More

Do you ever wonder how some young people become successful by taking a huge leap of faith?


Doe Deere is a fine example of a businesswoman who believed in herself, developed a strong work ethic and just jumped in. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup took a chance but never looked back.


GuestofaGuest interviewed the Russian born beauty who took her creative edge to the next level.


Today, Lime Crime is well-known around the world and has become a strong e-commerce shopping site, thanks to Doe Deere’s smarts, internet savvy background and a most unique brand.


Lime Crime makeup is not what you’re used to in the cosmetics aisle. First of all, the pigments are incredibly deep and potent. The makeup is long-lasting and designed that way and oh, the colors.


Doe Deere created her brand to bring vivid cosmetics on to the beauty playing field, something she saw as a big empty area in the industry. Then she struck hard, introducing makeup shades that were never worn by the majority of women out there. That meant Lime Crime lipsticks in liquid matte in colors like mushroom, squash, alien green, teacup blue, eggplant and this favorite, cement.


That’s right, weird-looking colors for the lips and super sexy. The brand got noticed on social media, and Doe Deere carefully began building her popular, cult favorite brand.


Lime Crime makeup is playful, glamorous, androgynous and anything else you want to be. The eye shadows are texturally beautiful, blendable and in happy bold shades that flatter every eye color.


Doe Deere knows her customers like glitter, fantasy, iridescence and shine, so she delivers in every new product that hits her e-commerce brand. Lime Crime is also sold in great brick and mortar stores like Urban Outfitters.


Hair, fashion and cosmetics all create your image, Doe Deere believes. The beauty maven recently started selling her own line of colorful hair dye in fab rainbow bright shades like orange, green, blue, purple and even dark grey. The formulas are gentle and conditioning while the colors all explode in beautiful pigments. In addition, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is ammonia free and vegan semi-permanent dye.


Doe Deere likes being creative, curious and artistic, and all three characteristics of her personality have helped her maintain her entrepreneurial spirit, growing brand and forward thinking.


Lime Crime is edgy and modern, the way makeup should be.


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Innovative

Earlier in the year, Cancer Treatment Centers of America participated with Nantes Health and All Scripts to execute quicker reaction, to open up every office’s information frameworks and to consider improved data surges. The new approach offered a mix of redesigned work preparation and a speedier interface structure joined with oncologist records across the U.S. It accordingly spread the data with more a conspicuous smoothness and speed. Clinical Pathways, the entitled action plan, offered unmistakable results, paying little mind to isolating choices while emptying assembled issues and routinely updating the surge of all information and research procedures. Top tier executives proposed the new structure to join the best treatment regimens in quickening recovery through various care conventions with innovation driving each idea.

All Scripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America had also made fundamental treatment regimens and examinations between treatment choices possible. Computer entry of order protocols may now turn on quickly with a slight screen tap and are likewise reliable and precise. Besides, practically identical settlements and supporting clinical information ceaselessly continue running within the same stream while referencing responses and top reaction rates.

Treatment regimens map themselves to EHR in restrictive request tests and reflect integrative ways for dealing with several treatment changes. Specialists have included more direct, basic organizational requests and support for refreshing quality and ability through decreasing data instability. The integrative stage interfaces with patients and clinical staff while exchanging information.

Thousands of regimen treatment plans join to cover research and reactions in regards to cancer and its effects. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, likewise alluded to as CTCA, works its focal station in Boca Raton, Fla. It joins genomic testing with sectional treatment change through surgeries, radiation treatments, chemo-therapies and immuno-therapies and helps thousands of patients throughout Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Okla., and Atlanta.

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End Citizens United Seeks To Overturn A Ruling Made By The Supreme Court

In the recent US elections, End Citizens United emerged as the true supporter of election campaign reform. This Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed in March 2015. The grass roots-funded PAC has been working on rectifying a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. In the case of Citizens United vs F.E.C., the Supreme Court made pronouncements that changed the setting of American elections. The court’s decision created the basis for companies to be viewed as people. Moreover, it allowed wealthy individuals and special interest groups to spend enormous and untraceable resources in elections without being accountable to anyone.

End Citizens United is working towards reforming the campaign finance system. It intends to make elected officials, voters, candidates, and the press to feel the heat from the grassroots. People are fighting against billionaires who are seeking to buy the American elections. This n new system will help the PAC to channel their energies toward campaign finance reform and urge lawmakers to take action. End Citizens United’s focus is on combating dark money in politics and improving the political system by electing candidates that support campaign finance reform. The candidates that will be supported by the PAC will help in reversing the ruling by zeroing on how they will amend the constitution.

Besides its commitment to campaign finance reform, End Citizens United sought to make its name a reality in 2016 by being a major player in the elections. It accomplished this mission by channeling resources to Democratic candidates who were participating in competitive races to various positions, including the House and Senate. Its ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision through a constitutional amendment. The ruling gave rise to super PACs. End Citizens United’s petition received a boost after Ready for Hillary lent it an email list having over 4 million people. In addition, the entity announced its backing of 11 democratic candidates, including Colorado Senator, Michael Bennet.

Notably, other PACs have engaged on campaign finance reform. However, End Citizens United seems to have the best strategy that will enable them to achieve their objectives. The entity has managed to balance the political side of the issues by positioning more people for elective positions, as they will be on the forefront of championing the reform agenda. Richard Carbo, the PAC’s communication director, says that they will support candidates that can stand up against Citizens United. The mission of the PAC has been met with skepticism. Several campaign finance experts are of the view that a constitutional amendment is unattainable because the threshold is too high. For it to pass, two thirds of the Senate and the House must give consent. It must also be ratified by three quarters of the states. These experts posit that the last amendment was undertaken over two decades ago. This information was originally published on MSNBC.

Developments on The Squaw Valley Water Quality Contamination Issue


Squaw Valley responded swiftly to contain and eradicate the bacterial infestation of their reservoirs. The contaminated wells were immediately cordoned off with the water being diverted into the treatment zone. That followed a decree issued by the Department of Health prohibiting the dispensing of any water in the popular ski resort which once hosted the Ski Olympics.


Squaw Valley Issues A Statement


Inspectors from the Department of Environmental Health made those shocking revelations detailing the presence of E. Coli in the samples collected. The report had a substantial impact on the revenues of the resort which usually makes most of its profits during the Christmas season. The Director of Public Relations for Squaw Valley Meadows, Liesl Kenney, recently issued a press statement regarding the compromised water recently discovered on his resorts’ mountain reservoirs. Here are the highlights of what the PR official had to say on the matter.


Affected Camps


Mr, Liesl blamed the adverse weather which had rocked the area recently. The torrential downpour witnessed in the month of October destroyed the water systems along the terminus linking source and end-points. The officials of the resort gave their personal assurance that not a drop of the contaminated water had reached the consumers. The officials were on a routine maintenance exploration when they stumbled on the E Coli strains in the wells on Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow. The affected skiing camps are the Gold Coast and the High Camp in Squaw Valley.


Precautionary Measures


Until the issue finally gets sorted out and cleared, the officials at Squaw Valley are not going to take any chances with the safety and well-being of their clients. To that effect, all guest are going to be henceforth served with bottled water while within the premises. The guests shall also get appraised on what conspires with the E Coli affairs.


About Squaw Valley Ski Resort


The resort occupies the land originally purchased by the legendary pro skier, Wayne Paulsen back in the early 30’s. The venue hosted other notable snow events like the Snow World Cup (1969. The award winning resort has all the features and amenities to make the wildest dreams of any skier come alive. The slopes go from gradual to deadly in the wink of an eye. There are instructors on the site you could hire and stay clear off any danger on the breathtaking scenery overlooking the Best Lake in the USA according to, The USA Today: Lake Tahoe.



Success Of Forefront Capital Under The Leadership Of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. These corporations provide innovative services using distinguished strategies in the forex and commodities markets. For over 30 years, Brad has been working in the competitive financial industry.

The entrepreneur is an alumnus of the Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Brad founded his first company in 1982. It was known as Reifler Trading Corporation.

This organization focused on global derivatives. The company had an impressive record of success in terms of growth and high profitability margins. Later, Refco purchased the corporation.

 Bloomberg reported that after selling the company, Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital. For 13 years, he served as the company’s chief executive officer and chairman. Because of his transformative leadership, the corporation was able to open offices in the UK, United States and Australia.

Presently, he serves as Forefront Advisory’s chief executive officer. Both the commodities and forex markets are highly volatile. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler has had extensive experience in these markets. To this end, his expertise is highly sought after by individuals and corporations seeking to make high returns from their investments.

By virtue of being in the industry for long, he frequently speaks about how everyone can invest. Over the years, Brad has made many public appearances, discussing about different strategies that lower and middle classes can use to invest for their future.

Renowned media outlets such Reuters News, Market Watch and Yahoo Finance have published some of Brad’s investment strategies.

Brad Reifler continues to empower the community by providing people with different ways of investing. He asserts that by investing in diverse asset classes, people are guaranteed to find their true financial freedom. Through subsidiaries of the company, Brad has been able to enlist a large number of registered investment advisers, business leaders and renowned investment bankers.

Forefront Capital’s principals boasts of more than 30 years of experience on Wall Street. Some of the company’s members include high-ranking officials of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. At Forefront Capital, Brad has created a collaborative and collegial environment that encourages employees to share their relationships.

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Get To Know More About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is the Principal at Odebrecht Participaçoes e Investimentos SA. Earlier he was a Principal at H2olmos, and before than a Principal at Marañon Energia SA.
Previously Mr. Montoro Jens was Head-Finance at Odebrecht SA. He served on the board at Braskem SA as well as Odebrecht Óleo e Gás SA.Fundação Getúlio Varga.

In 1944, FGV was founded. It is a world renowned center that is known for providing quality education. It is dedicated to promoting an economic and social development of Brazil at FGV today boasts of eight schools and, two research institutes along with technical assistance projects besides a publishing unit. This is why FGV is being ranked as one of the top think tanks as well as a top high education institution in the world.

In 1946, Thunderbird School of Global Management was incepted. Since then Thunderbird has been focusing exclusively on educating the global leaders. They are taught about the intricacies of international management on Thunderbird is remaining firmly at the forefront. They are educating global leaders who are creating sustainable prosperity worldwide. This will help to dramatically grow their positive impact in a world economy that is in dire need of global leadership talent.

Felipe Montoro Jens was born in September 1970. He was born in Brazil. He belongs to the world of finance where he has worked in many different areas and earned a lot of expertise. These would include banking, secured lending along with acquisitions, as well as investments. He has worked hard to ensure that the money and stocks of his clients are secured. This way they can make a significant amount of money. Felipe Montoro Jens is a business leader in terms of investments. He has worked with corporations and large companies in order to secure business deals and make sure these corporations are successful.

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Alexandre Gama: Creative Genius

One of the most promising businessmen in the area, Alexandre Gama is a highly successful entrepreneur from Brazil; founder and CEO of Neogama, which has grown to become one of the most prominent advertising agencies in the country, Alexandre Gama has proven himself to be an iconic figure in Brazilian culture. Winning a plethora of awards, ranging from honors that highlight his specialization in communication, Gama will go down in history as top of his class.

Over the entire history of Brazilian advertising, Alexandre was named in the top seven by a group of professionals from the country’s advertising market, proving his achievements as monumental. Founded in 1999, Neogama has grown into an entity that is proud of its spot as an agency dedicated to the people of Brazil. Over the course of the past 58 years, Gama has continued to show his creative genius in advertising and marketing, and he will continue with this work for many years to come.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Refuses To Follow Social And Political Norms

Doe Deere is the outstanding mind that came up with the brand we’ve all grown to love known as Lime Crime. For those of you who have yet to fall head over feet for the brand, I’m sure it’s only since you’ve yet to try out her fantastic vegan products.

Known for the extreme highly pigmented colors which are cruelty free animal friendly makeup products (each and every single one of them) these fantastical creations go above and beyond the call of duty that normal makeup products standards are held to. With incredible products like the Velvetines, Dreamgirl Lip Trio, Irredescent Pop on Nails, and so much more Doe Deere is really calling the entire world to attention as she dares to ask the question, “Why?”

Why, as in why are we hiding? Why, as in why are we so afraid to have fun with color? Why, as in why are we so concerned with “hiding” the faulty parts of our face so that we can make ourselves look more like carbon copies of everybody else?

Doe Deere has managed to make a huge impact with her makeup industry by inspiring women and men everywhere to put away the fear of not being accepted and pushed into using muted tones by the media and the celebrities that we look up to who parade around busily enforcing these archaic rules that “less is more” and you should only be allowed to wear one bold color on your face at a time and how everything should always appear “natural.”

Doe Deere says, “No way!” and we should too! She is sticking it to the fashion industry telling them just how much she doesn’t care about their rules, saying that she’ll be as bold as she wants to and will actively inspire men and women everywhere to not be afraid to let their colors show.

Not one to stay quiet and always piping up about what she believes in, the New York raised, Russian born beauty is not only standing up for our right to be bold with vivacious color, but she is also taking a stand against animal cruelty with Lime Crime being completely vegan and cruelty free! Thanks to the awesome products Lime Crime has to offer people everywhere are quickly figuring out that hurting animals is pointless because these products are better and bolder than most without any animal cruelty.



Reasons To Work With Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a US based company which deals with wine making. The company started in 2001 with the mission of providing the best quality wines categorized under three varieties – white, red and sweet and fizzy. The company boasts of having more than 1000 wine guides in over 40 states.

Working Model of the company

The company’s working model is as follows. The person who wants to join the company as a wine guide has to pay a registration fee to avail its services. The company provides the person with a start-up kit comprising of brochures, carry bags, marketing materials, order forms, educational cards and two wine kits for hosting two parties. If the person manages to make a transaction of about $150 in the party or get three orders, he will be appreciated by the company with $75 that is applicable to the next tasting set.

Ways of making money

The company has devised efficient incentive schemes for its officials to make some money. In addition to them, there are 4 ways which can be used to make money with the company. They are online sales, home tasting parties, building a team by company promotion and monthly sales from the wine club.

Benefits of working with the company

The first and foremost benefit is that there will be virtually no downfall in the business. All Americans love wine and therefore one can be guaranteed of no losses incurred. The money making procedure is easy and there is no pressure in the business. One also has the option of working from home. The startup cost of doing business with this reputable company is low. These advantages turn several heads towards the company’s business.

The company Social media site is filled with positive feedbacks where people have exclaimed that the company is more like a family to them. They do not require much of an experience beforehand and they wish to refer to their relatives regarding the company. They were also glad by the option of making so much money from home. Looking into the details of the company services, one will be able to take an intelligent decision about getting associated with the company Traveling Vineyard.

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Squaw Valley Handles Water Contamination Extremely Professionally for the Care of The Guests

Squaw Valley Ski Resort and CEO Andy Wirth are handling the situation with the contaminated water quality on the high mountain very professionally, and they have made a public statement concerning the issue on November 30, 2016. The resort discovered the problem on November 8 as they were conducting routine tests with the water supply. They found that the new system they had installed during the summer on the high mountain had a small amount of E.coli and coliform bacteria was found.


The management immediately closed the restaurants on high mountain and reported the problem to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. The department conducted their own tests and found small amounts of the bacteria.


Squaw Valley has left skiing open to the top of the mountain to the bottom as this is a favorite for the visitors. The tourists are welcome all over the resort, and Mr. Wirth is supplying bottled water to all of the guests to use at all times.


When Mr. Wirth and the Board of Directors first found out the results of the tests, they contacted several experts on water storage to work with the resort in fixing the situation. In October, Lake Tahoe received an unusually high amount of rain, and they believe that the water syatem servicing High Camp and Gold Coast experienced much rain and affected the newly installed system resulting in contamination.


The bacteria is limited to that system, so the careful precautions to close that down confined the bacteria. Contaminated water was never available to the public, and therefore, there has been no reports of any illness.


Squaw Valley has been working diligently with the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District to bring the water levels to normal, and they will continue to do so. When the Board has received the report that the water is safe to drink, Squaw Valley will open the restaurants on High Mountain and make another public announcement. The safety of the guests is the first priority.