Beer Now in Short Supply in Venezuela

According to an article published via the Wall Street Journal, beer is now in short supply in Venezuela. Over 80 percent of the beer drank in the country is produced by Empresas Polar SA who closed three plants earlier in April. On April 29, 2016, it started the process to close its last plant leaving the country with less than a week’s supply of beer.

In fact according to the LatinoShowMagazine, the very survival of the privately owned company is in question since it depends on beer sales to bring in over 40 percent of its revenue. Not being able to produce beer has sent ripple effects through the shaky economy leaving shipping companies, liquor stores and others fearing the worse.
The company that also produces corn flour says that this part of their business is a money loosing proposition because of government price controls. Additionally Luque thinks, corn to make the flour is in extremely scarce supply.
Officials with the company blame the government for this latest tragedy saying that the government controls the money. Therefore, they have not been able to pay their foreign suppliers.

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