Goettl’s Massive Improvement

One of the top air conditioning and heating companies in the United States is Goettl, a company that is truly dedicated to providing the best services possible at an affordable price for every single customer. This 75 year old company, despite the company’s most recent success, has not been without troubles within the company. If it was not for Ken Goodrich who bought the company in 2012, it is likely that this company would have been one of the many sinking companies. When this company was bought in 2012 by Ken Goodrich, he found that the company not only lacked a vision, but also lacked any confidence to run a successful business. With so many competitors winning over this air-conditioning and heating company, Ken Goodrich came at the opportune time to turn the entire company around.

After 18 months of hard work and of perseverance to turn the company around, Goettl earned a $20 million revenue in 2014 which was almost double the amount than the $11 million that was made in 2012. As a businessman who has fixed countless other companies, Mr. Goodrich stated that he found something special when it came to this company. with time and effort, Mr. Goodrich was able to turn this company around by giving the workers a vision for the company and the confidence and motivation to truly make the company great again. With excitement and expertise, this 75 year old company has become the best at what it is good at.

The key to the success of Goettl was in the building of a reputation for the company that would defeat their historical reputation of being an inexpensive and inefficient company. With the assembly of a new management team, Mr. Goodrich was able to bring in new experts that knew and understood the name of the game when it comes to business. Thanks to his hard work, the company was able to accept 84 employees as well as 58 vehicles to operate.

The key to the success of Goettl was in improving the company’s customer service as well as the quality of the installation. As the owner of this company, Mr. Goodrich even required for each installer to do a quality check in the installation to make sure that the customer earned exactly what they paid for. Thanks to Ken Goodrich, this 75 year old business as been able run smoothly and efficiently.

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