Don Ressler’s Skills in Growing E-commerce Start-Ups to become Profitable and Leading Online Retail Stores

JustFab is amongst the few e-commerce enterprises that earn a distinguished track record of making huge profits and developing to a world class internet retailer on Bloomberg within one decade. For a company to receive such honor, it needs a team of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated senior executive officers.

But for Don Ressler, Co-CEO and Co-founder of JustFab, Passion is the key to the success of any business. Ressler quit his first career as a pilot in the American Airlines to venture into the business industry. His First start up was an internet retailer enterprise known as Fitness Heaven. It is through this company that Ressler discovered his skills in managing e-commerce companies.

In 2001, when Intermix Media acquired Fitness Heaven, he partnered with Adam Goldenberg, a young, experienced entrepreneur to start a second internet retailer known as Alena Media. As a subsidiary of Intermix Media, Ressler and Goldenberg’s company was recognized as Intermix’s only profitable division.

Aware of their exceptional skills in the e-commerce industry, Don Ressler, and Goldenberg agreed to start an independent brand building company. In 2010, the duo founded Intelligent Beauty, the parent company of profitable e-commerce businesses like DERMSTORE, SENSA, and JustFab.

JustFab was started in 2011 as a fashion subscription e-commerce services. The company, major services was to provide fashionable attires like footwear, clothes, handbags and jewelry to its subscribers. Within one year, JustFab had attracted more than 4 million members.

Its members were assured of top designs and fashion advice from JustFab’s fashion designers. Their promising future in the fashion e-commerce industry attracted various investors who supported them financially. Some of the investors include Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, Matrix Ventures and Passport Special Opportunity Fund.

Ressler and Goldenberg used the funds to expand their market to other countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, and Germany. Besides, the funds were used to acquire other fashion e-commerce businesses like The Fab Shoes and Shoe Dazzle. To streamline their services, they launched Fabletics, a subsidiary that collaborated with Kate Hudson to offer athletic wear.

The new brand, Fabletics, helped JustFab to join a fashion race towards dominating the athleisure fashion category. Alongside Fabletics’ co-founders, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson, Don Ressler expressed optimism in the new direction that the fashion industry was assuming. He further revealed that the next phase of fashion will be driven by the ability to use the new category to fuel the sales in the industry.

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