FreedomPop Helped Me And My Daughter To Reinstate Our Cell Phone Service

I’ve taken a very proactive approach on saving money. The very first thing that had to be cut out of my life was my cell phone bill. I was paying for my service along with the service for my daughter, but the bills were getting to be too much. I could live without a cell phone, but my daughter acted like it was the end of the world when I shut her phone off. I realized after having an emergency and no cell phone that having a phone was very important.

I got some information about FreedomPop when I read through a recent review that was done about their services, and I was elated to learn that they have free cell phone service. I also found out about their unlimited cell phone service for under $20, so I came up with a plan. I would get the free service for myself and get the unlimited service for my daughter. I knew that I only needed my cell phone to make important calls, especially making calls to emergency services, but I believe that my daughter would talk on her phone too much and run up our bills again, so the unlimited service was best for her.

It was easy for us to sign up for the service because I did it on the FreedomPop website. I also was able to order sim cards for both of our phones, and I only paid $10 total for the cards. We got the sim cards in the mail in less than a week, and my daughter barely turned her phone on before she started using it and making phone calls as if she was missing something so important. I have 200 minutes of talk time that I get to use for free with my service, which suits me just fine.

I also have text messages and data, so I’m not missing anything by using the free service that FreedomPop is offering me. I never worry that my daughter will use too many text messages or minutes because they are unlimited, and she mostly uses Wi-Fi at home, so her data isn’t a problem either. FreedomPop has made it possible for me and my daughter to get cell phone service for under $20 a month for the both of us, and I don’t know any other wireless carrier that could do that. FreedomPop has awesome services at awesome prices!

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