A Review of Top Vintners and Wine Merchants in the UK

Wine is one of the most exquisite beverages. Getting hold of fine wine in the United Kingdom may be quite challenging, more so to first-time buyers. Luckily, there are various vintners and wine merchants, from whom you can buy high quality wine. The following are some of these merchants.

Prohibition Wines

This is an autonomous wine shop located in Muswell Hill. It opened shop in 2013 and prides itself in stocking exclusive wines. At the moment, the shop does not have a website. However, the owners are in the process of creating an ecommerce platform for clients. Prohibition Wines offer wine delivery in the United Kingdom.

City Wine Collection

This is a London based independent wine merchant that opened doors in 2003. The company similarly designs and manages some of the most exclusive wine cellars. This guarantees its clients access to good-tasting wine. City Wine Collection has partnered with vineyards and wine producers throughout the world. Its stock is offered at London City Bond or from its shop in Richmond.

40 Maltby Street

The vintner is based at a warehouse belonging to Gergovie Wines. It stocks and sells wines that have been produced under the watchful eyes of experienced winemakers. What’s more, there is a bar on location, meaning that clients can drink their favorite wine right after buying it. 40 Maltby Street is a favorite hangout spot for wine lovers due to the seasonality and uniqueness of the wines that it sells. Free delivery is offered within London.

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Berkmann Wine Cellars

The vintner is one of the leading independent wine wholesalers in the UK. It supplies wine to major restaurants and retailers across the country. Its unbeatable range of wines combines local knowledge with competitive pricing. For four years, Berkmann Wine Cellars has been a recipient of the Great Value Wine Merchant of the Year. This is a lucrative award, which proves how committed the firm is to character and excellence.

A&B Vintners

This is a widely recognized specialist wine merchant, which mainly focuses on select wines from Rhone, Oregon, Piedmont, Southern France, and Burgundy. The Vintner’s wine specialists spend a lot of time selecting wines with passion and enthusiasm. This explains why it only stocks choice wines from the most recognized vineyards. A&B Vintners has built unmatchable partnerships across the industry, which explains why it has a largely unique portfolio of wines. Apart from its prestigious UK exclusivity, the company is committed to promoting unheralded wine producers.

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