Remote Controlled Lighting With Gooee LEDs

There is no longer a need to hit the dimmer switch on the wall panel when the lights need to come down low for a romantic evening. This can be done right from bed by hitting a little button on a touch screen smart phone. Life is being made easier by the masterminds at Gooee, bringing WiFi enabled smart LED bulbs into residential homes everywhere.


Like the feature of dimming your overhead chandelier from bed? No problem. By switching out existing bulbs for Gooee LED bulbs in other areas of the home, those areas also become remote control enabled. Even if you are expecting dinner guests right after you get home from work, it is possible to eliminate one step from prepping your space by toning down the overhead pendants and turning on the wall sconces, while setting all of the lights to a warmer light temperature all from your smart phone while sitting in your car before driving home.


These are some of the fancier abilities that Gooee LED’s have the capabilities for, but they also work by detecting occupancy in a room, turning on and off as persons move through different areas of the home. This is not only convenient but saves money and is more energy efficient. It is easy to incorporate these features in the home all at once or little by little, just by switching out one of the bulbs and hooking it up to your device to see how easy and lovely it is.