George Soros Gives Two Million To Take Down Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is one of the most-reviled law enforcement agents in America, and he conjures images of corruption in the highest. He has been challenged quite a few times, and George Soros is making the strongest push yet to move Arpaio out of office. This article explains how George Soros has created a Super-PAC that will target Arpaio, ensure his ouster from office and keep him from enacting more racist policing policies.

#1: Arpaio Is Not Popular Among Progressives

Joe Arpaio is often held up as the worst example of a sheriff in America, and he has enacted quite a few policies that are hard on inmates, racist within the community and cause strife among the people. He has been accused of widespread corruption, and he is guilty of being abrasive to everyone who disagrees with him. He is not the way forward in America, and George believes he can properly fund a super-PAC that will help remove Arpaio from office.

#2: How Much Is George Giving?

George Soros is giving $2 million to the effort, and he is waging war against corrupt lawmen in several parts of America. Their names are not known as well as Arpaio’s but they are people who do wrong every day in the name of the law. George understands that he must move on a presidential election that did not go his way, and he is moving into a place where he must work diligently until the midterm elections in 2018.

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#3: Why Is George Soros Important For Progressives?

Progressives around the world worship George for his efforts to fund politicians who will do right in the world, and he has been held up as an example of a benefactor who makes the world better. He works quite hard with politicians such as Hillary Clinton to make the world a better place, and he has moved on from the Clinton campaign to offer this generous $2 million gift to those who need it. He has found partners who are willing to give their own money, and he will work until results are found in the Arpaio case.

#4: When Will George Succeed?

George is an old man with billions of dollars to spend, and he works quite hard every day to see the world become a kinder place to live. He understands that he has a platform to help people, and he will do so as much as possible while he is able. He recently moved his investments into stable gold and precious metals because he is concerned about Donald Trump’s election, and he will fight the good fight in the trenches where his policies may be fought.

George Soros is an advocate who believes in making the world a friendlier place, and he wishes to move Joe Arpaio out of office. George’s support has paid for a super-PAC that will help the Maricopa County residents against Arpaio fight, and he believes that bringing down poor law enforcement officials will help save lives, prevent racism and change the system.

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