Securus Technologies Bridges the Family Gap with their Video Visitation program

Time is of great essence when preparing to visit an inmate. You have to adjust your priorities to get the right moment to visit an inmate during specific days. For children, it could mean giving up weekends or even schooling days. Securus Technologies has come up with an answer for people in correction facilities. The company presents a mobile visitation program that seeks remove challenges experienced with traditional prison visits. The new software comes with a great convenience for people that use the service. People that want to use Securus video visitation program can do so through their mobile devices or computers. All that one needs is an internet connection, and they are ready to go.


Apart from the convenience that comes with the program, the ability for children to connect with their parents is the most beneficial part of the system. Anyone that has gone with a child for prison visits knows the challenges. It involves a long distance and a long wait line that could be very tiresome. Children may sometimes cry when they see that they cannot be with their parents. The video visitation eliminates limitations that come with the traditional visitation. It offers inmates a chance to talk to their families at any time. The visitation program has become the most exciting thing in correction facilities. Families and prisoners wait in anticipation for the time they would get to talk to the loved ones.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology firm with offices in Dallas, Carrollton, and Allen. The company has been providing communication and technical services for thirty years. It has majored in particular services such as investigations, monitoring, public safety, corrections and public information. Securus Technologies serves approximately 3,400 prisons spread at different parts of the United States. The company is committed to keeping families and friends together.


One advantage of the video visitation technology is that it is easy to use. Families can communicate with inmates, comfortably and safely from their homes. They do not have to go through several security checks or travel for long distances so as to be with their loved ones. The visitation program gives inmates a chance to communicate with people that have no time to visit. People that benefit from the program should include young children, an elderly parent or even a pregnant spouse. The kind of solutions provided by the company has proved to help better family relationships. Connecting families through a simple visitation program make a special moment for inmates and their loved ones.