Michael Zomber Brings Antique Arms To Life

The art of war is an ancient one. People all over the world have waged war in various ways. In doing so, they have used various forms of armor and other items. Such items have been used highly refined in many societies. This is something that author and historian Michael Zomber has chosen to study in great detail.

He knows just how much art can be found in the world such items. As he has shown his many audiences and fans across the globe, a piece of metal isn’t just a piece of metal. It is a piece of art that can be admired and adored as well as explored by those who understand the hard work that went into creating it.

Objects Of Intense Study

According to PR News Wire, it was his love of such objects that led Michael Zomber to a mission in life. He quickly began to realize that items that were used in war are still available in many places today. This is why he began a business that was devoted to help people collect them.

His work has focused on many period of metal work. He admired the work that artisans have put into them in order to help provide objects that are both elegant and yet also provide people with the ability to defend themselves on the battlefield and protect their body against an enemy at the same time.

A Focus On Japan

While antique arms of all kinds fascinate Zomber, it is those of Japan that he knows really demonstrate the true art of metalwork. The Samurai period is when many lasting antique arms were created that are still sought after today.

As a collector and dealer of such antiques, he has been instrumental in showing others how they can enjoy such items in their own homes. His work in this field has led him providing skilled and insightful advice that allows him to show others how they can collect such objects.

Thanks to his work in many media outlets, including that of the History Channel, he has been helpful for all those who share his passion.