Samsung Asset Management Bringing Better Investment Services To Clients In Partnership With The Capital Group

Samsung Asset Management, the parent company to several Korean based insurance groups and fund management subsidiaries is now partnering with The Capital Group to deliver an even bigger investment package for their clients.

The Capital Group has been a highly acclaimed institutional and individual investor firm that specializes in fixed income and global equity funds, and they will bring more of an integrated business and client management system to Samsung’s operations. The benefits for Samsung Asset Management are learning more about how The Capital Group uses a Capital-based system in their client solutions. And according to Tim Armour The Capital Group’s CEO, they will gain insights as to how to reach and meet the needs of Korean investors.

The Capital Group is one of the US’s largest portfolio management companies with a reported $1.39 trillion under management since the end of 2015. Their target group includes financial institutions and large corporations with pensions and insurance services, consultants and advisors of other firms offering different portfolio services, and individual investors. The Capital Group has achieved high stewardship grades from independent journals such as the Morning Star and Pensions & Investments thanks in part to their multimanager investment system, by which more than one manager can manage pieces of a portfolio and funds have a better chance to diversify.

The Capital Group also has a long history of qualified leaders with vision and direction. It was founded by Jonathan Lovelace in 1931 and soon became the premier American Funds and mutual funds company in the US after establishing The Investment Company of America. Today it is managed by experts such as Rob Lovelace, Darcy Kopcho and Chairman Timothy Armour. Armour’s specific understanding of the bond markets and corporate investments has elevated him to the high leadership position over the years.

Armour started off in The Capital Group’s Associate Program after graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont. In a short time, he became an analyst for various clients in the telecommunications sector, and then worked his way to Senior Portfolio Manager. He has been with The Capital Group for over 30 years, something that has been common with many of their leaders who’ve built careers here from the ground up. Timothy Armour recently became Chairman and CEO of the entire company when it’s former leader and one of Armour’s friends Jim Rothenberg passed away.