Squaw Valley Handles Water Contamination Extremely Professionally for the Care of The Guests

Squaw Valley Ski Resort and CEO Andy Wirth are handling the situation with the contaminated water quality on the high mountain very professionally, and they have made a public statement concerning the issue on November 30, 2016. The resort discovered the problem on November 8 as they were conducting routine tests with the water supply. They found that the new system they had installed during the summer on the high mountain had a small amount of E.coli and coliform bacteria was found.


The management immediately closed the restaurants on high mountain and reported the problem to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. The department conducted their own tests and found small amounts of the bacteria.


Squaw Valley has left skiing open to the top of the mountain to the bottom as this is a favorite for the visitors. The tourists are welcome all over the resort, and Mr. Wirth is supplying bottled water to all of the guests to use at all times.


When Mr. Wirth and the Board of Directors first found out the results of the tests, they contacted several experts on water storage to work with the resort in fixing the situation. In October, Lake Tahoe received an unusually high amount of rain, and they believe that the water syatem servicing High Camp and Gold Coast experienced much rain and affected the newly installed system resulting in contamination.


The bacteria is limited to that system, so the careful precautions to close that down confined the bacteria. Contaminated water was never available to the public, and therefore, there has been no reports of any illness.


Squaw Valley has been working diligently with the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District to bring the water levels to normal, and they will continue to do so. When the Board has received the report that the water is safe to drink, Squaw Valley will open the restaurants on High Mountain and make another public announcement. The safety of the guests is the first priority.




Julie Zuckerberg is accomplished at finding the right talent for the workplace.

Julie Zuckerberg carries out the duties of the Talent Recruitment Commissioner, while happily employed by the enterprise, Deutsche Bank. Julie has shaped a vast quantity of recognition for herself, from her history of knowledge, to her vast training credentials. She is highly touted for her accomplishment of operating intimately with commerce executives in the private asset aspect of business, as well as the fiduciary facet of management. Ms. Zuckerberg is known to enhance business by her keen ability to form important connections, as well as to execute critical, high level executive interactions that, more often than not, pertain to industry stockholders. Her highly qualified leadership is frequently regarded as being utterly essential for bringing in a competent workforce and her recruitment procedures are welcomed for producing a steadfast and enduring effect on the quality of an enterprise’s productivity, and which often acquires unusually competent and resourceful industry workers.


Julie Zuckerberg had the know-how to successfully execute the duties of the Senior Supervising Recruiter prior to updating her standing to that of Staff Acquisition Director. She has also greatly enhanced her experience from earning a promotion to the status of Vice President, at the enterprise Deutsche Bank. During this promotion, her aptitude was increased by supervising connections with top-quality commerce ventures, to form an important mix of laborers. Julie Zuckerberg has also formed valuable connections with a lot of industry contacts, to better manage the hiring policy for bringing in proficient workers. This is essential for satisfying available openings; case in point, United States Compliance and Central Supervisor, as well as Shareholder Connections.


She has performed extremely well with her duty in the role of Principal Worker Locator, while working at the company Hudson Global. This was Julie’s first business responsibility, back in 2002. During her many years at the Hudson, she hired a plethora of legal agents and trained senior executive groups for numerous agencies. This constant influx of workers satisfied an array of vacancies. After she departed from her duties at the Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg devoted herself to the agency, Citi Global. While laboring at this bank, she strengthened her skills as the Primary Staffing Recruiter. This rank allowed Julie the independence to make use of sophisticated and cutting-edge options for finding recruits by looking on the internet, making use of social media and express sourcing of staff. These are only a few of the highly valued and in fact, revolutionary approaches that were employed successfully by Julie, to locate the most suitable staff available. She imbues a competency to take on a large quantity of responsibilities and during her employment at Citi Global, Julie earned the rank of Vice President. A number of Julie Zuckerberg’s benevolent deeds involved the relocating of newly hired workers, assisting staff through the intricacies of immigration, all the way through to actual repatriation.


Her skills acquired as the company V.P., while at the New York Life Insurance Company, imbued Julie with the aptitude to competently fill empty positions with recruits.



Michael Zomber, a Man with the Passion for History

Michael Zomber is a Philadelphia-based personality with a great passion for history. He has a huge collection of antique armor and arms which he is collecting for a long time. He appeared on the History Channel as a guest historian on the Tales of the Gun series in which he showed different types of guns like Dueling Pistols, Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols, and Guns of the Orient. Zomber has a great knowledge about Japanese Samurai Swords. His passion for history makes him a great storyteller.

He has authored number of historical novels and over dozens of screenplays. Knowing so much about history makes him well aware of the futility and horrors of armed conflicts. Zomber and his wife own a production company Renascent Film LLC. They produced Soul of the Samurai which was a documentary film, and it was well acclaimed by critics.

Michael Zomber is a graduate of two prestigious American universities. From the University of Illinois, he acquired bachelor degrees with honors in Psychology and English. From the University of California, Los Angeles, he completed Masters in English Literature. Zomber’s expertise and collection of weapons are mostly from the sixteenth century and onwards. The collection includes weapons from Americans, Japanese, Islamic, and Europeans. He not only collects antique weaponry but also sells them. He usually likes to sell his collection to people who know the importance of the antiques and their use. Zomber is a strong advocate of peace, and he supports all organizations and NGOs that foster peace especially Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and UNICEF.

He keeps sharing his views and information about history on Facebook. He was born in Washington D.C. but resides in Philadelphia with his wife and two children. Michael Zomber has been collecting, taking care, and selling antique arms for more than three decades, and his mission is to protect and preserve the history. He likes to meet people who have a desire to safeguard the past as much as he does. His hard work and devotion have made him a man who is a unique collector, philanthropist, dealer, and author.

Brian Bonar Seeks Continued Success After Executive Of The Year Award

The financial expert Brian Bonar has been a major part of the global industry for a number of years and was recently honored in the U.K. for his work as a finance executive who has chased impressive business achievements for over 30 years.

Bonar has been a respected member of a great number of businesses, from his opening job at IBM to his latest business venture of Trucept Incorporated the list of successful opportunities Bonar has been a part of have continued for a number of years.

Initially, Brian Bonar had trained to become a technical engineer and attended the University of Strathclyde and Stafford University to complete his education through to postgraduate level; upon entering the workforce in the U.K. Bonar began as an engineering specialist at a number of companies before eventually exploring the world of finance where he found an even greater level of success.

Over his three decades in the engineering and financial sectors the work of Brain Bonar has included a wide range of high profile positions with different companies, including his periods of time spent as the CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer of a range of different business ventures.

The major areas of success Brian Bonar has enjoyed have been with the Trucept and Dalrada brands that provide essential services for small and medium sided businesses across the U.K. and beyond.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has used his extensive skills to make sure Dalrada became a business success as the company has developed into an industry leader since Brian arrived at the group in 1992; Bonar has worked his way up from being the Director of Technology with Dalrada to become the Chairman of the board from 1999 onwards.

Building on the success achieved at Dalrada Brian Bonar would eventually form Trucept as a new entrant into the business services field. At Dalrada the focus was placed firmly on providing essential financial services for small and medium businesses by Brian Bonar, including the completion of taxation options throughout the year; at Trucept regular business tasks are completed to ensure entrepreneurs have the chance to focus on their company and making it as successful as possible for the future.

Brian Bonar has sought to make sure the success of both Dalrada and Trucept continues into the future and was awarded the 2010 Executive of the Year in Finance for his work with Dalrada in the U.K.

Hussain Sajwani and his Successful Business


Damac Properties is connected with astonishing showcasing stunts, breathtaking advancements or fairway ventures made with Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani is the originator of Damac and lives in Dubai. He has been a successful businessman. Hussain Sajwani is responsible person thanks to the United States for the sustenance benefit provided to the United States Army for Desert Storm.


The food business is as yet being served by Damac. It helps Sajwani to remember the mastery he initially obtained in business and his capacity to develop kinships of significance on a worldwide premise. These attitudes are by and by being utilized as Damac exploits UAE costs on property that is beginning to recoup. He is contemplating giving offers with the Stock Exchange in London with the IPO as a conceivable setting. Considering the structure and size of his organization he has plenty of choices accessible.


Sajwani has come to a significant separation from the nourishment business he initially set out on in the 1980’s. He was in charge of cooking services provided to specialists in Abu Dhabi. Indeed, even with contracts with the U.S. Armed force the sustenance business was not sufficiently massive, and the edges were too weak. He needed to make billions not millions.


By 2002 Dubai was beginning a blast in the land. That is what made Sajwani acknowledge land was what’s to come. Damac started assembling advancements that were excellent and utilized deals as the way to having a working plan of action. He was one of the people who saw a business opportunity that was on the way. He cut his expenses and held his money. It was the manner by which he got Damac through the emergency.


Sajwani has demonstrated he has the insight and down to earth learning required to be useful in his preferred field. He comprehends the significance of curtailing when it gets to be distinctly vital.

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Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is one of the most well known areas of the finance industry. It deals with the process of helping large companies increase their stock value and raise capital. In most investment banking deals, a merger and acquisition will take place in which two companies will come together to form one individual company. This provides a number of benefits such as combining capital, facilities and also products and services. In order for a merger and acquisition to be done, the companies will need an investment banking firm to help guide them through the process. Investment banking firms research industry and economic trends and put together pitchbooks for clients to look at. The firm will then draft a proposal and if accepted complete the legal process of an actual merger. After this is all done, the company issues a new stock.

Another type of investment banking firm is one that specializes in assisting individuals as well as small businesses and start ups. These are known as boutique investment banking firms which are smaller but equally valuable to clients. With boutique investment banking firms, a number of individuals can get the assistance they need in order to more easily manage their finances. These firms also help a number of small companies come up with the funds required to start up and expand. As a result, boutique investment banking firms are some of the most beneficial financial institutions around.

Martin Lustgarten is the owner of a small investment banking firm. He often works with small businesses and individuals. When working with small businesses, Martin helps them by finding them sources of funding to start up and expand. Lustgarten will also provide advice to businesses such as how to manage debt, what to invest in and also how to better manage their finances.

As well as helping small companies, Martin also helps individuals with their financial planning. On a regular basis, Martin will provide individuals with advice on what to invest in so that they can reach their financial goals such as retirement. He will research a number of investment options so that he can find stocks, bonds and mutual funds that will help his clients achieve high consistent returns. Therefore, Martin has been able to establish himself as a reliable individual when it comes to individual investing.

Tech Fashions to Expect in the Future

For ages, both fashion and technology have experienced a lot of changes. One thing for those years have remained constant, though, they grow together. One can say they depend on each other with technology becoming fashionable and fashion becoming technologically fashionable.


Marrying Technology with Fashion


Looking at the past and the present of these two fields, one can quickly determine what to expect in future. For instance, designers are already diving in the technology field to find new ways to make fashion more intriguing.


According to Dutch designer, Anouk Wipprecht, technology is like a field which when you dive into, you are overwhelmed with the variety of ideas. She has taken advantage of this to come up with some interesting designs including self-painting dress, drink-making dress, and DareDroid and Pseudomorphs.


Applying Technology to Create Protective Fashion


Other designers have invested in technology to build fashion designs that can protect us. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, for example, have created a system to help the firefighters. They can use the protector to communicate important signs such as when to leave the premises or tell the residents everything is okay.


Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin understood how much people hate wearing bike helmets. They came up with a system that can be worn around the neck, and the airbag only opens once you get a head impact. Unlike the helmet which causes a blur in vision, this new design has a clear view when not open.


Dependence on Each Other


Both technology and fashion depend on each for growth and popularity. For instance, when the Google Specs were launched they were not popular. To a tech geek, they were intriguing, but for a regular person, they weren’t. Wearing glasses is associated with stigma plus there are people who wouldn’t like technology that wears glasses.


All it took is one fashion walk to change people’s perspective on wearing the glasses. A fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg had her models wear glasses on a fashion walk and immediately they were accepted. This is a clear indication that technology can use style to gain popularity.


In most instances, growth in technology is determined by what people consider fashionable. If designers can, therefore, apply technology to make new designs, technology can realize a lot of growth.


Fashion, on the other hand, needs technology too. Soledad Martin, for instance, is working on a model that will change kinetic energy to electrical energy. The energy which will be tapped in shoes will allow you charge your cell phone when walking on running.


About Chris Burch

Chris Burch has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has combined customer understanding and expertise in the field to create a substantial impact.


Through his career life, Chris has helped over 50 companies rise on their feet. His business has diversified in different areas with the most current being lifestyle and consumer products.

Norman Pattiz Announces “Beyond the Darkness” on the Jericho Network

Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, is taking a journey of the supernatural kind in with the new podcast Beyond the Darkness. Researchers and witnesses of eerie happenings will come together on the Chris Jericho podcast network to engage in discussions on ghosts, demons, monsters, aliens, and mysters too bizarre to explain.


The Jericho Network seems a solid fit for this show, Pattiz noted. In the time Chris Jericho’s shows have been on PodcastOne the coverage has reached well beyond the world of professional wrestling, creating an ever-expanding audience of listeners.


Jericho seems equally excited, stating that hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, known names in the world of paranormal coverage and commentary, will undoubtedly bring more listeners to the Jericho Network with Beyond the Darkness while continuing to broaden the type of content they have on offer.


Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by David Schrader and Tim Dennis, releasing every Monday on PodcatOne, made available on their app and through iTunes.


About Norman Pattiz:


Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One, which grew to become the largest radio network in the United States, bringing CBS News, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, the Summer and Winter Olympics and a whole host of entertainment options to listeners regardless of region or time of day. In 2010, Pattiz expanded his media empire with the Courtside Entertainment Group, then centered his focus on online audiences with PodcastOne, reaching listeners all over the world with content curated for more discerning audiences.


Outside of his capacity in business, Pattiz has had a hand in communications on behalf of the government as well. he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Bill Clinton in 2000, then reappointed to the same position by his successor George W. Bush. This made Pattiz responsible for overseeing broadcasting services that receive government funding like “The Voice of America”, “Middle East Broadcasting”, and “Radio Free Europe” to name a few. Aside from this responsibility, Pattiz also regulated Arabic and Farsi language programming in the United States and abroad, reaching audiences in more than 22 countries, more than 40 million in total.


Thanks to his extensive career in communications and his many contributions, Pattiz was added to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He was also awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting in the same year.

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