Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Refuses To Follow Social And Political Norms

Doe Deere is the outstanding mind that came up with the brand we’ve all grown to love known as Lime Crime. For those of you who have yet to fall head over feet for the brand, I’m sure it’s only since you’ve yet to try out her fantastic vegan products.

Known for the extreme highly pigmented colors which are cruelty free animal friendly makeup products (each and every single one of them) these fantastical creations go above and beyond the call of duty that normal makeup products standards are held to. With incredible products like the Velvetines, Dreamgirl Lip Trio, Irredescent Pop on Nails, and so much more Doe Deere is really calling the entire world to attention as she dares to ask the question, “Why?”

Why, as in why are we hiding? Why, as in why are we so afraid to have fun with color? Why, as in why are we so concerned with “hiding” the faulty parts of our face so that we can make ourselves look more like carbon copies of everybody else?

Doe Deere has managed to make a huge impact with her makeup industry by inspiring women and men everywhere to put away the fear of not being accepted and pushed into using muted tones by the media and the celebrities that we look up to who parade around busily enforcing these archaic rules that “less is more” and you should only be allowed to wear one bold color on your face at a time and how everything should always appear “natural.”

Doe Deere says, “No way!” and we should too! She is sticking it to the fashion industry telling them just how much she doesn’t care about their rules, saying that she’ll be as bold as she wants to and will actively inspire men and women everywhere to not be afraid to let their colors show.

Not one to stay quiet and always piping up about what she believes in, the New York raised, Russian born beauty is not only standing up for our right to be bold with vivacious color, but she is also taking a stand against animal cruelty with Lime Crime being completely vegan and cruelty free! Thanks to the awesome products Lime Crime has to offer people everywhere are quickly figuring out that hurting animals is pointless because these products are better and bolder than most without any animal cruelty.