Alexandre Gama: Creative Genius

One of the most promising businessmen in the area, Alexandre Gama is a highly successful entrepreneur from Brazil; founder and CEO of Neogama, which has grown to become one of the most prominent advertising agencies in the country, Alexandre Gama has proven himself to be an iconic figure in Brazilian culture. Winning a plethora of awards, ranging from honors that highlight his specialization in communication, Gama will go down in history as top of his class.

Over the entire history of Brazilian advertising, Alexandre was named in the top seven by a group of professionals from the country’s advertising market, proving his achievements as monumental. Founded in 1999, Neogama has grown into an entity that is proud of its spot as an agency dedicated to the people of Brazil. Over the course of the past 58 years, Gama has continued to show his creative genius in advertising and marketing, and he will continue with this work for many years to come.