Developments on The Squaw Valley Water Quality Contamination Issue


Squaw Valley responded swiftly to contain and eradicate the bacterial infestation of their reservoirs. The contaminated wells were immediately cordoned off with the water being diverted into the treatment zone. That followed a decree issued by the Department of Health prohibiting the dispensing of any water in the popular ski resort which once hosted the Ski Olympics.


Squaw Valley Issues A Statement


Inspectors from the Department of Environmental Health made those shocking revelations detailing the presence of E. Coli in the samples collected. The report had a substantial impact on the revenues of the resort which usually makes most of its profits during the Christmas season. The Director of Public Relations for Squaw Valley Meadows, Liesl Kenney, recently issued a press statement regarding the compromised water recently discovered on his resorts’ mountain reservoirs. Here are the highlights of what the PR official had to say on the matter.


Affected Camps


Mr, Liesl blamed the adverse weather which had rocked the area recently. The torrential downpour witnessed in the month of October destroyed the water systems along the terminus linking source and end-points. The officials of the resort gave their personal assurance that not a drop of the contaminated water had reached the consumers. The officials were on a routine maintenance exploration when they stumbled on the E Coli strains in the wells on Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow. The affected skiing camps are the Gold Coast and the High Camp in Squaw Valley.


Precautionary Measures


Until the issue finally gets sorted out and cleared, the officials at Squaw Valley are not going to take any chances with the safety and well-being of their clients. To that effect, all guest are going to be henceforth served with bottled water while within the premises. The guests shall also get appraised on what conspires with the E Coli affairs.


About Squaw Valley Ski Resort


The resort occupies the land originally purchased by the legendary pro skier, Wayne Paulsen back in the early 30’s. The venue hosted other notable snow events like the Snow World Cup (1969. The award winning resort has all the features and amenities to make the wildest dreams of any skier come alive. The slopes go from gradual to deadly in the wink of an eye. There are instructors on the site you could hire and stay clear off any danger on the breathtaking scenery overlooking the Best Lake in the USA according to, The USA Today: Lake Tahoe.