End Citizens United Seeks To Overturn A Ruling Made By The Supreme Court

In the recent US elections, End Citizens United emerged as the true supporter of election campaign reform. This Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed in March 2015. The grass roots-funded PAC has been working on rectifying a decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. In the case of Citizens United vs F.E.C., the Supreme Court made pronouncements that changed the setting of American elections. The court’s decision created the basis for companies to be viewed as people. Moreover, it allowed wealthy individuals and special interest groups to spend enormous and untraceable resources in elections without being accountable to anyone.

End Citizens United is working towards reforming the campaign finance system. It intends to make elected officials, voters, candidates, and the press to feel the heat from the grassroots. People are fighting against billionaires who are seeking to buy the American elections. This n new system will help the PAC to channel their energies toward campaign finance reform and urge lawmakers to take action. End Citizens United’s focus is on combating dark money in politics and improving the political system by electing candidates that support campaign finance reform. The candidates that will be supported by the PAC will help in reversing the ruling by zeroing on how they will amend the constitution.

Besides its commitment to campaign finance reform, End Citizens United sought to make its name a reality in 2016 by being a major player in the elections. It accomplished this mission by channeling resources to Democratic candidates who were participating in competitive races to various positions, including the House and Senate. Its ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision through a constitutional amendment. The ruling gave rise to super PACs. End Citizens United’s petition received a boost after Ready for Hillary lent it an email list having over 4 million people. In addition, the entity announced its backing of 11 democratic candidates, including Colorado Senator, Michael Bennet.

Notably, other PACs have engaged on campaign finance reform. However, End Citizens United seems to have the best strategy that will enable them to achieve their objectives. The entity has managed to balance the political side of the issues by positioning more people for elective positions, as they will be on the forefront of championing the reform agenda. Richard Carbo, the PAC’s communication director, says that they will support candidates that can stand up against Citizens United. The mission of the PAC has been met with skepticism. Several campaign finance experts are of the view that a constitutional amendment is unattainable because the threshold is too high. For it to pass, two thirds of the Senate and the House must give consent. It must also be ratified by three quarters of the states. These experts posit that the last amendment was undertaken over two decades ago. This information was originally published on MSNBC.