Lime Crime Makeup: Playful, Glamorous, Androgynous, And More

Do you ever wonder how some young people become successful by taking a huge leap of faith?

Doe Deere is a fine example of a businesswoman who believed in herself, developed a strong work ethic and just jumped in. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup took a chance but never looked back.

GuestofaGuest interviewed the Russian born beauty who took her creative edge to the next level.

Today, Lime Crime is well-known around the world and has become a strong e-commerce shopping site, thanks to Doe Deere’s smarts, internet savvy background and a most unique brand.

Lime Crime makeup is not what you’re used to in the cosmetics aisle. First of all, the pigments are incredibly deep and potent. The makeup is long-lasting and designed that way and oh, the colors.

Doe Deere created her brand to bring vivid cosmetics on to the beauty playing field, something she saw as a big empty area in the industry. Then she struck hard, introducing makeup shades that were never worn by the majority of women out there. That meant Lime Crime lipsticks in liquid matte in colors like mushroom, squash, alien green, teacup blue, eggplant and this favorite, cement.

That’s right, weird-looking colors for the lips and super sexy. The brand got noticed on social media, and Doe Deere carefully began building her popular, cult favorite brand.

Lime Crime makeup is playful, glamorous, androgynous and anything else you want to be. The eye shadows are texturally beautiful, blendable and in happy bold shades that flatter every eye color.

Doe Deere knows her customers like glitter, fantasy, iridescence and shine, so she delivers in every new product that hits her e-commerce brand. Lime Crime is also sold in great brick and mortar stores like Urban Outfitters.

Hair, fashion and cosmetics all create your image, Doe Deere believes. The beauty maven recently started selling her own line of colorful hair dye in fab rainbow bright shades like orange, green, blue, purple and even dark grey. The formulas are gentle and conditioning while the colors all explode in beautiful pigments. In addition, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is ammonia free and vegan semi-permanent dye.

Doe Deere likes being creative, curious and artistic, and all three characteristics of her personality have helped her maintain her entrepreneurial spirit, growing brand and forward thinking.

Lime Crime is edgy and modern, the way makeup should be.

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