Solving Cold Cases Faster with Securus Technologies

When I was assigned to the cold case department in our police department, my goal was to make short work of as many cases as I could so I could give residents the closure they were looking for. In many cases, all I really needed was to get the right people talking, and the leads would put me in a position to catch the person responsible. This was not the case with one suspect who literally fell off the face of the earth.


Despite numerous leads from witnesses who say they saw the suspect in town, they never panned out and I was always chasing my tail with this suspect. If he was in town, he was using the help of a tight network to keep him from getting caught. I was about to find out just how deep underground he really would be willing to go after I discovered a resource in one of the most unlikely places.


I was in the jail doing some research on another case, when the officers on duty informed me that Securus Technologies updated the call system and they were now using the LBS software to detect when inmates were talking about drugs, weapons, and other types of contraband in their cells. I knew that now of the inmates would talk to me about my cold case or my suspect, so I decided to listen in to see if there was any chatter going on that we did not pick up on.


That afternoon, the software alerted my team to a conversation an inmate had with his family, where they were talking about allowing a friend to remain in the pool house until the heat died down. It happened to be a friend of the fugitive’s girlfriend, and the pieces quickly began to add up. We were able to get the suspect in custody and he was later found guilty of all charges and will not be free in the near future.