Livio Bisterzo: Green Pack Brands Chief Executive Officer

Livio Bisterzo was born in 1985 in Italy. He currently lives in Los Angeles. After graduating from the university studying arts, Livio has made headlines from his business which offer hospitality services and distributing consumer goods. He birthed the company after the combination of experience in dealing with natural foods and his passion for living healthy. It led him towards creating the Green Park Products which provide consumers with options for a healthy lifestyle.

In 2016, Green Park Holdings brought to market HIPPEAS thrusting chickpeas courtesy of Livio Bisterzo. It is termed as one of the fastest growing Snack brands in the United States of America this year. When asked why he chose peas, Livio Bisterzo claims that the green market is turning its focus towards chickpeas. It is the hottest and latest brand in the industry with a very high demand. After maneuvering around the production of many products, Livio Bisterzo asserts that they finally found what they wanted.

Livio believes that HIPPEAS will create a great opportunity for affordable snacks on the market. Under his leadership, Green Park Products are experiencing a transition from rapid growth in the health and nutrition industry. The primary mission of this company is to bring out positive change by creating brands with a long lasting social impact and change in behavior.

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Ugly is a company that offers almost similar services to that of Green Park products. Bisterzo affirms that UGLY will use two-quarters preparing a team from the US and make launching products in 2018. At this time, it will focus on establishing itself in the North East with the aim of providing products to retailers around the street.

He added that the company is focusing on setting up a production firm to enhance production around the region. It is a partnership between Livio and Thomas who is the manager of Ugly. The two companies have agreed to operational terms, and that’s why UGLY will be based in the North East while Green Park Will operates in Los Angeles and its environs.

Livio Bisterzo thinks of the business being a significant opportunity that has the potential to grow considering the current trends in the market. He believes of a heavy lifting and claims hard work & commitment will be needed to win the US market.

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