Securus Technologies Helpful in Tracking Down Fugitives

When there is a dangerous fugitive loose in my city, we have a fugitive task force that specializes in taking control of the situation quickly and finding our suspect before he can commit an other crimes. This month, we got the call that a fugitive escaped the inmate transport bus and was loose in our city. The bus had mechanical issues, and while the vehicle was being repaired, this daring fugitive dot out the window and into the woods. As far as we knew, he was still in shackles and his orange prison jumpsuit.


It didn’t take long for the tips to come pouring in, and one took us right to a wooded area where the suspect was though to be hiding. Luckily for him, he was able to get into a hardware store and saw off his cuffs and find a change of clothes, ten slip into the woods. The tips lead us to that location, and the dogs were on the scent from there. We did not think the suspect had any family or friends in the area, so we headed to the local prison for help.


Once at the prison, we discovered they utilized the Securus Technologies call monitoring system to make their location safer. These units are in 2,500 jails around the country, and the CEO says his employees are all dedicated to making our world safer. We plugged the suspect into the LBS software, and we got a hit that day from a distant cousin in our jail telling his family where the suspect was based on news reports and chatter in the jail. This inmate was key in helping us to identify who was going to meet the suspect and give him a ride out of our county. We intercepted both and made the arrest before anyone was hurt.