Richard Mishaan Design – How He Comes Up With His Ideas

In the New York design industry, one name seems to always come up. Richard Mishaan is known for his innovative styles in home design and decor. In fact, he is known as the mix master of New York, simply for his ingenuity in coming up with various combinations of styles that always turn out stunning and beautiful. He is often considered among one of the best architects and designers in the world.

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia. He studied at the Columbia University School of Architecture. He later studied at New York University, where he got his BA. He started his career at the offices of Philip Johnson. Over his career, he has written many books on architecture and design. One of them is called Modern Luxury. Another is called Artfully Modern. As their name suggests, these books showcase Richard Mishaan’s ideas for combining various styles of decor to create a new and stunning modern design and style.

Many people wonder how Richard Mishaan comes up with his ideas for fashion and decor. For Richard Mishaan, this is part of his daily life. Wherever he goes, he looks at his surroundings and draws inspiration for new ideas and designs. He has visited countless exotic locations, art exhibitions, fashion shows, and has watched and viewed countless movies that feature great design. For Richard Mishaan, however, design is also about the culture and lifestyle of a population. The design has to fit in with that culture and lifestyle, so you need to be able to develop a feel for it.

Richard Mishaan has worked on a vast amount of projects, including both residential and commercial projects. His projects are high end and often include luxury hotels. He was requested to design the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, which is how he started in that field.


Services offered by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an established company that works with the correctional facilities. Inmates are normally comprised of our friends and family and although they are locked in, they deserve to be given attention and lots of love. Securus understands this and has therefore made their mission to serve all inmates in jails and prisons. The company has been in operation in the last 25 years and has managed to bring a lot of revolution when it comes to the correctional facilities in the United States. The main aim of Securus is to make sure that all inmates get to communicate well with their family and friends as they still serve their jail term.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and its regional offices are situated in Atlanta, Carrollton and Allen. The prison communication company has employed approximately 1,000 employees who share the vision of the company of serving all inmates. Currently, Securus works with 26,000 correctional facilities in the US. The company has also extended its operations in Canada where it serves 2299 correctional facilities. The headquarters of Securus Technologies are located in Dallas, Texas. Apart from the correctional facilities, Securus Technologies is also involved with the law enforcement agencies. Some of the services offered by Securus include; public information, information management, incident management, emergency response, verification, inmate self-service and monitoring. Securus is also involved in the fight against contraband phones in correctional facilities and works hard to make sure that such phones are not registered by any mobile companies.

From time to time, Securus Technologies gets customer feedback about how their technology has helped in solving as well as preventing crime in the correctional facilities. The customers are mostly prison officials who are in charge of the correctional facilities. Customers state that through the technology provided by Securus, they have managed to track call information and identified some of the fraud that goes inside the prisons. Corrupt officials have also been brought to book with the help of Securus Technologies.


Lacey and Larkin

American history is rife with never ending discrimination. You name it—Whites against Blacks, Blacks against whites, Straights against Gays and Lesbians, Irish against Italians and men against women.

It is still going on, and people have formed all sorts of rhetorics about why it happens, who is at fault, what should be done and what the future holds. Sometimes, one person’s rhetoric is diametrically opposed to another person’s rhetoric in some way or another. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

From these ideas and rhetorics, civil rights organizations have been formed to procure a better future for humanity.

Jewish People

Ever heard of “the wandering Jew?” This phrase is a reference to the fact that Jewish people have been persecuted and/or forced out of all—or most–countries that they have lived in for thousands of years.

They currently live all over the world and are made up of a very diverse array of people. Religiously, they run the gamut from being very secular and atheistic to being very religious Jews who practice their ancestral religion and live traditional, fundamentalist lifestyles.

Jewish is an ethnicity, a culture, a religion; and sometimes it is difficult to define what a Jew is. Jews come in many colors and shapes. Jews have made their way up in the world and can be likened to “model minorities.”

However, there are still people who identify as Jews, or who are culturally and/or religiously and/or ethnically Jewish on all socioeconomic levels of human civilization.

To protect themselves from having their rights degraded, they formed organizations to address their issues and to forward their interests. the Anti-Defamation League is an organization that was started for that purpose. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It champions pro-Zionist views and keeps on top of who is talking or acting against Jewish people. The Anti-Defamation League has also branched out to take on the concerns of other racial and ethnic minorities.


Hispanics have had similar problems as Blacks in American society. They faced problems due to a confusing mix of discrimination in America, aspects of their cultures, politics in their own countries and America, subjugation and violence.

Two kind gentlemen, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, were well-informed about this situation. Their experience of living in the state of Arizona opened their minds to these issues, and lead to the founding of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. However, they didn’t just stop there.

They made it so that their organization supports institutes for a variety of civil rights plights.

Richard Mishaan Design: Architecture, Interior Design and Fashion Fused into one

Anyone who loves interior design and architecture will tell you that Richard Mishaan is one of the best designers on their list. Richard is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, a business which he runs with a lot of passion. He is also crazy about fashion and art, concepts which he readily incorporates in most of his designs.

Richard Mishaan Design has been in the business for many years now, and the firm’s reputation is still growing. The firm has handled many residential projects before. Richard also started working a lot with hotels. Some of his notable projects include the designing of 290 rooms at St. Regis, NY. The project also involved designing the hotel’s ballroom and meeting rooms. His other project involved designing another 90 rooms of a hotel in Cartagena.

Designing spaces is not a difficult task according to Mishaan. Richard Mishaan Design usually incorporates various art and design options. While some of the pieces they use are expensive, they also use cheap yet unique ones.

Richard Mishaan Design also considers the theme of the space and its use before designing it. Clients are always involved in the process because they will be the beneficiaries of the work. What makes Richard Mishaan Design unique is that they not only guide their clients through their portfolio but they also help them figure out what to incorporate in their spaces.

About Richard Mishaan

Raised in Colombia, Richard Mishaan also gets his inspiration from his cultural background. His family moved to Colombia from Germany during the Second World War. Mishaan’s mother, who is now in her eighties, still lives in Bogota. When he joined the University of Colombia, Mishaan studied Architecture. He also studied at the New York University where he earned his BA degree.


2 Reasons why Martavis Bryant’s Fantasy Football Rankings Will Prove He’s a WR1

Wide receivers have pushed their way into possibly the most important position in fantasy football rankings. The days of loading up on running backs are over. For one thing, there simply aren’t that many productive RBs, plus many teams are using split duty in their backfield.

Half the field time, severely drains fantasy football rankings and productivity. Where the fantasy points are being produced, is at WR. Here’s how you can set yourself up for a productive season by loading your WR positions and not compromising your roster to do it.

  • Do Your Homework

The way to ensure wide receiver production from players drafted in the later rounds is to do your homework. One piece of research concerns WRs who may have sat out the previous season, or had limited productivity for one reason or another. One candidate that meets both criteria is the Pittsburgh Steelers Martavis Bryant.

  • Defenses Must Stop the Run

Bryant has yet to have a fully productive season, but after sitting all last year on suspension, he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder. More than one of his teammates is going to draw a great deal of attention.

Middle coverage is going to have to pay attention to Le’Veon Bell, or Pittsburgh will simply pound the ball on the ground. To combat against Bell, defenses are going to have to lean towards stacking the box. That reduces pass coverage efficiency.

  • Defenses Must Address the #1 Wide Receiver

Now, once the Steelers have forced opposing defensive coordinators to stuff the box, they also must contend with one of the most prolific pass catchers in pro football. Most fantasy football rankings stamp Antonio Brown as the first WR off the board, if not overall player. The top coverage man is going to hawk Brown first, either that, or Ben Roethlisberger will make them pay the price.

That means Bryant will invariably see a second-level defender on every play. What these two factors combined do, is loosen up coverage. The middle will be cleared by the threat of Bell’s rushing prowess and a second-rate defender will try to keep up with the speedy Martavis Bryant.

Don’t mistakenly feel you’re the only team owner in your league to have a hunch on Bryant, waiting until the late rounds to draft him. However, you should be able to wait until at least the 5th or 6th round to steal what by all accounts looks to be a WR3 listed player in fantasy football rankings. Bryant is a player who has the talent to produce fantasy numbers like a WR1.