Paul Mampilly Writes Newsletter To Help Americans Gain Confidence In Investing

Brian Harris published an article in mid-September on Release Fact regarding Paul Mampill’s newsletter, Profit Unlimited. The article, “How Paul Mampilly Created the Fastest Growing Investment Newsletter”, details the incredible growth of the financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited.

Profits Unlimited has grown to over 90,000 subscribers in under a year. It is published by the Florida based company Bayan Hill Publishing which markets the newsletter towards new and experienced investors.

Mampilly created the newsletter for the average American investor, looking for more details and practical advice to apply to their portfolios. He wanted to differentiate his newsletter from other investing publications so his readers could have readable and useful information instead of the fact-heavy and jargon-laced financial publications.

He understands that his audience is looking for a way to improve their living standards and grow their retirement. By focusing on this underserved audience, Mampilly is able to carve out a profitable niche in the overcrowded and highly competitive financial industry.


Despite print publications having dwindling readers and revenue, Mampilly’s newsletter continues to grow. Mampilly is becoming known for his ability to succeed even when the market is facing uncertainty. For example, prior to writing the Profit Unlimited, Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He won with a 75% gain from $50 million to $88 million despite the horrible recession and without sacrificing any stocks.

The newsletter is oriented around the reader’s needs. As a newsletter for Americans who don’t have much experience with investing as well as some more experienced investors who are looking for ways to grow their portfolio, Mampilly provides the much needed education and information.

He wants to help his readers grow in their knowledge and confidence in investing. He covers biotech stocks and small-cap companies that are both affordable and ready for explosive growth. The newsletter is an entry level publication that is priced at a competitive rate.

The subscribers have access to the monthly newsletter which is packed with information on a stock Mampilly recommends from his purchase list. He sets clear guidelines on when to buy and when to sell as well as discussing growing sectors of the market.

Paul Mampilly has over 25 years of experience investing and working for hedge funds. He started in 1991 with Deutche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. At both places, he managed accounts of millions of dollars as well as those who were just beginning their investment journey. He has won several awards for his investment abilities.

He retired from Wall Street to spend more time with his family and publish the Profits Unlimited newsletter where he hopes to provide knowledge based confidence to his readers.

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