An Overview of Dr. David Samadi’s Interview on His Life and Career

David Samadi is a globally recognized medical expert. He is the Robotic Surgery chief at the Lenox Hospital, New York, and the current chairman of Urology. The talented medical expert has managed to operate on several patients spread out in more than 40 countries. He is renowned for his use of sophisticated surgical robotics to effectively treat patients suffering from prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi recently opened up about his life and career in an interview.

How Did He Start Out and His Ways of Making Money?

Dr. David Samadi desired to become a doctor who would be helping people. He specialized in the area of prostate treatments and was fascinated with the fresh developments in the sector of robotic surgeries. Dr. Samadi revealed that he makes his money from helping men suffering from prostate cancer access treatment. He has come up with a unique treatment method of using a robotic method that is less invasive when compared to the traditional surgical procedures. This unique method also allows his patients to live cancer free. It took several years for Dr. Samadi to make even in his practice. His unique knowledge of using robots in the theatre made his career explode in the United States.

Marketing Strategy

Dr. Samadi revealed that he relies majorly on referrals to generate more business for his practice. The doctor also takes pride in ensuring that he is easily accessible for his patients. This has made his patients appreciate and completely trust him. His main aim is to always bring about commendable results after every surgery. Dr. Samadi terms the provision of quality services as the main reason behind his ever-expanding practice.

Traits that Make You Successful and Future Aspirations

Dr. Samadi stated that he likes to stick to schedules as establishing a routine to follow always make him more efficient. He also stated that he treats his staff just like he would his family members. He bonds with them and gets to know them better as he believes that surrounding himself with good people guarantees him of success.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran but grew up in Persia. The Iranian Revolution forced Samadi and his brother to go to Belgium and figured out life on their own. David had a strong drive and ambition to assist people in fighting cancer, which became his calling after witnessing a prostate cancer process. He holds a Biochemistry degree from the Stony Brook University and went for his postgraduate studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.

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