Why Jason Hope Is Giving Money To The SENS Foundation

Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope is very interested in efforts in the medical industry to slow or even stop the process of aging. There is a new field in that industry called rejuvenation biotechnologies. One of the most promising companies in this field is the SENS Foundation. One Jason Hope researched them and saw what they were all about he wrote a $500,000 check to support their research.

Jason Hope explains that the goal isn’t to just have people live forever. Rather it’s to have a longer life that is both free of disease and of better quality. He gave his donation in 2010 and the money was used in a new lab they opened in Cambridge, England. Since that time he has provided the SENS Foundation with over $1 million more dollar.

Some animals show no signs of aging, such as hydras and tortoises. They age but they’re no more likely to die due to this fact. Other species, like humans, gradually break down. As people get older they get more susceptible to developing diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s. There are diseases that are called “age-related illnesses” because of how much more prevalent they are in older people versus the young.

Most medical researchers are looking to cure diseases. Jason Hope says that the SENS Foundation, however, wants to prevent it from occurring to begin with. If people don’t break down as they get older they won’t be more susceptible to developing age-related diseases. The money that Jason Hope has been donating lately is being used to create AGE-breakers. AGE is short for advanced glycations end-products. These are what build up in a person’s body over time and causes people to break down. If this can be prevented than people will live longer, healthier lives.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor in the technology industry. He was one of the earliest to see the potential of mobile technology and he created software for smartphones that was in widespread use. He invests in companies in the industry that he sees as having ground-breaking technology. He is also a futurist and writes extensively about the Internet of Things and other technological change he sees coming down the pike.

Jason Hope earned his college education at Arizona State University. He first earned a bachelor of science degree in finance. He then attended ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and earned an MBA in business. He now lives in Scottsdale. He enjoys keeping others up to date on where technology, and therefore society, is heading. He is also interested in politics, both local and national. Additionally, he provides funding to many groups beyond the SENS Foundation as a philanthropist.

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How Desiree Perez Developed Into A Powerful Force In Music Behind The Scenes

Each year Billboard names its most powerful women in music. The list is made up both celebrities and those behind the scenes. It includes everyone from influencers to dealmakers. There are 100 women named. Desiree Perez, the chief operating officer of Roc Nation, came in at number 47.

Desiree Perez prefers to stay out of the limelight so that she can retain her privacy. She is known, though, as someone that is one of the toughest negotiators in the music industry. She negotiated the deal that resulted in Sprint making a $200 million investment in Roc Nation’s Tidal, for example. Five months after the ink dried Jay-Z dropped his latest number one album, 4:44. The deal with Sprint resulted in one million people being able to download this album for free.

Another deal that Desiree Perez handled was the one between Roc Nation and Live Nation. In April 2017 a deal was signed between the two parties that is worth $200 million. It covers the Jay-Z touring partnership between Roc Nation and Live Nation and Desiree Perez handled all of the details on Roc Nation’s behalf.

For over twenty years Desiree Perez has had a close business partnership with Jay-Z. At Roc Nation she is involved in all facets of running the company. This includes not just negotiating details with other companies but also labeling operations and publishing. Along with her husband, Desiree Perez is a member of what’s known as the Hova Circle of Influence. This group has a great deal of influence in the music industry. She has been referred to by Jay-Z as his secret weapon. When he needs a deal done right he turns to Desiree Perez to bring her negotiating ability to the table.

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Imran Haque Is A Good Person, All Around

When he was interviewed about himself, Imran Haque had much to share about the way that he lives and the way that he works. Imran Haque allowed the world to see a bit of who he is through the interview that was done with him and the responses that he shared in that interview. One of the things that this man shared about in the interview that was completed was the fact that he tries to show kindness and respect to every person he deals with every day. He is someone who believes that all are deserving of respect, and he works hard to treat others well.

Imran Haque shared that he is someone who believes in treating others just how he would like to be treated. When he was asked about how he has made it to the place that he is at now, he shared that he has become who he is because he treats others right. He is someone who makes sure that he is always thinking about the way that others are feeling and the way that he would feel if he was in their situation. It is smart for a person to consider the feelings of others, and doing that has helped Imran Haque to find success.

There are times when a person will look up to someone and learn from them. Imran Haque is someone who looks up to certain people and takes their good traits to try to make them his own. When he was asked if there is someone who he looks up to, he shared that he admires the calm demeanor of Barack Obama. He knows that Barack Obama is someone who has had to do a lot of work and who has come through a lot of stress, and he likes the way that the man composed himself as he came through all of that and more