Brian Torchin: Your Solution To Quality Hiring

Brian Torchin is the founder of Healthcare staffing Solutions firm. It offers many chances in the health sector for individuals to get employed. This is through providing career counseling services to people in the health sector.

Torchin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in exercise medicine from the University of Delaware. He then attended New York Chiropractic College where he graduated in 1995. Read more: Profile: Brian Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry and Brian Torchin: America’s Best Health Care Recruiter

He began his career as a chiropractic physician. Due to his entrepreneur mind, he founded a medical staffing company, Healthcare staffing Solutions firm. His main aim was to aid employees to get qualified medical officers.

Brian Torchin has strived to develop a long-term relationship with his clientage by providing them with quality services. His client base is found across the world. However, majority of his clients are in Canada, Asia, Australia and the United States. He has developed strategic partnerships with many international firms involved in the health sector.

Torchin is always available to his clients. He maintains close contact with them through various online platforms such as, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. He also uses this platforms to acquire new clientage. Brian Torchin attributes his success to understanding what his clients need while learning to create a good rapport with them.

He also keeps up to date with hospitals’ need to employ health employees, while at the same time, shrinking their costs of operations.

Being a team player has also contributed to his success. He often consults with relevant stakeholders to give his clients quality solutions to their hiring needs.

Although Torchin is a dedicated entrepreneur in the health sector, he often spares some of his time to publish blogs on Healthcare Staffing Solutions firm’s website.

Here, he blogs on various topics that are of value to anyone visiting the website.

His Clients have often heaped praise on him via his various social media platforms. His work ethic and professionalism stand out as most appealing to his clients.

Brian Torchins definitely has a more successful future in the days to come as his client base grows bigger each day.