Patty Rocklage leads in provision of psychotherapy services

Patty Rocklage is a famous professional family and marriage therapist. She is a licensed psychotherapist in Massachusetts. Patty Rocklage has an incredible style of handling and helping her clients that make her unique in service delivery. Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

She provides family and marriage counselling to couples, families, and individuals for them to embrace the challenges in their lives. Through her profession, she has restored broken relationships and ties together with strengthening the client’s mental health. She has been in therapy industry for more than two decades now.

She joined and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Psychology in 1981. In her career course, she has earned reputation and incredible skills like teaching, team building, counselling, coaching, mentoring, and public speaking. However, her skills set the pace in helping many clients. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

Patty Rocklage is married to Dr Scott Rocklage who serves as the managing partner of 5 AM. Ventures. Patty Rocklage and her husband helped Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the renovation of the nano chemistry and nanotechnology laboratory.

As a way of appreciating the institution for being a great foundation for Scott`s career. The school put up a plaque in honouring the couple.

Patty Rocklage is actively involved with the Sudanese Education Fund. Which help in restoring education, financial and employment issues of the Southern Sudanese who lives in Massachusetts. The fund has made these group of people productive in the world`s economy.

Patty Rocklage`s strengths and effort comes from her warm personality, focus, hardworking, result oriented and social perspective. These aspects make her customers free and comfortable to unleash their needs and problems to Patty.

She is a good listener and an inspirational person who hears her clients out and leave them satisfied. As a professional, she does not disclose her client`s information to other people. She knows what to talk about and what to keep a side during her therapy sessions.

Patty is a guru in psychotherapy industry with good track record, experience, and accomplished professional with excellent communication skills. She is privileged in assisting couples, individuals and families in overcoming their life`s struggles

The Healthiest Option for Your Pets are Grain Free Beneful Brand Dog Food

When was the last time you took a close look at the food inside your pet food. Is it all one color with nothing that really calls out to your dog. Look what happens when you rip open a bag of grain-free Beneful brand dog food and pour it in their bowl, they come running to sink their teeth into this delicious meal. There is no sacrificing taste for nutrition here, you can see those meaty chunks surrounded by colorful accents from across the room.The reason you should carefully choose the foods you are feeding your pet is because the words healthy and natural mean different things to different pet food manufactures.

For some, those words are cleaver advertising terms used to sell more product, but for Beneful, they are an indication your dog is getting 23 essential minerals and vitamins in every bag. That abundant nutritional value only ensures that your pet is going to thrive for years to come as a result of eating grain-free food choices.With most pet food companies, you don’t know what is involved with the production process. With Beneful brand dog food, you get factory workers based in the US that are performing several quality checks throughout the production process to ensure that your dog is only getting the best possible foods. Although things like grain and gluten are taken out of production, your dog will simply love the taste of every bowl of Beneful brand dog food they can get to each day.

Livio Bisterzo: Green Pack Brands Chief Executive Officer

Livio Bisterzo was born in 1985 in Italy. He currently lives in Los Angeles. After graduating from the university studying arts, Livio has made headlines from his business which offer hospitality services and distributing consumer goods. He birthed the company after the combination of experience in dealing with natural foods and his passion for living healthy. It led him towards creating the Green Park Products which provide consumers with options for a healthy lifestyle.

In 2016, Green Park Holdings brought to market HIPPEAS thrusting chickpeas courtesy of Livio Bisterzo. It is termed as one of the fastest growing Snack brands in the United States of America this year. When asked why he chose peas, Livio Bisterzo claims that the green market is turning its focus towards chickpeas. It is the hottest and latest brand in the industry with a very high demand. After maneuvering around the production of many products, Livio Bisterzo asserts that they finally found what they wanted.

Livio believes that HIPPEAS will create a great opportunity for affordable snacks on the market. Under his leadership, Green Park Products are experiencing a transition from rapid growth in the health and nutrition industry. The primary mission of this company is to bring out positive change by creating brands with a long lasting social impact and change in behavior.

Read more: Spreading Peas & Love with HIPPEAS and CEO, Livio Bisterzo

Ugly is a company that offers almost similar services to that of Green Park products. Bisterzo affirms that UGLY will use two-quarters preparing a team from the US and make launching products in 2018. At this time, it will focus on establishing itself in the North East with the aim of providing products to retailers around the street.

He added that the company is focusing on setting up a production firm to enhance production around the region. It is a partnership between Livio and Thomas who is the manager of Ugly. The two companies have agreed to operational terms, and that’s why UGLY will be based in the North East while Green Park Will operates in Los Angeles and its environs.

Livio Bisterzo thinks of the business being a significant opportunity that has the potential to grow considering the current trends in the market. He believes of a heavy lifting and claims hard work & commitment will be needed to win the US market.

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Nabors Industries Limited CEO, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the lead CEO, president and chairman of Nabors Industries Limited. Commonly referred to as Tony by the people who are familiar to him, he is based in Hamilton Bermuda. Nabors Industries is the world’s largest geothermal power plant and natural gas drilling center. They have deals in continents and areas like the Middle East, USA, Far East and Africa. The company was established in 1968, and it was called Anglo energy back then.Tony went to Harvard University and Yale University. When he was at Harvard, he acquired a J.D degree, and BS and MC degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. The career of Tony started when he was taken by a law firm called Baker and McKenzie in 1979. He managed the New York division from 1985 to 1991.

He was at Nabors in 1991 acting as a chief operating officer. In 1992 he went ahead to become the president there. He was made the deputy chairman of Nabors Industries in 2003 until 2012. Since 2012 he has been the CEO and chairman of the board of the company. He is a director and board member at Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, MediaOnDemand and Texas Children’s Hospital.Petrello has had a successful compensation year in 2015 that was at 27,512,989 dollars and got 1,580,077 dollars as salary. On top of that, he had a bonus of 7,727,000 dollars, a stock of 16,863,656 dollars and compensations worth 1,342,206 dollars.

The roommate that he had in school, Lloyd Grove is a fan of him who sees his fortunes and just admires it. He says that Tony Petrello is an excellent businessman who has changed since he left school and is now old, enviable and has all features of an alpha male. Tony’s fortunes are far from his; he says that Tony has surpassed his accomplishments and he feels that Tony Petrello is the one leading among all the college mates.His daughter Carena has a condition called Periventricular leukomalacia, and she is now learning how to walk and talk. Together with his wife Cynthia, they have an active role that they play on the board of Texas Children’s Hospital. He sponsors research and contributes on ideas. He has given over 7 million dollars that will lead to curing the PLV and other diseases. Follow him on twitter :

Eric Pulier’s No-Nonsense Approach to Investing

Sitting down with a successful entrepreneur can be the difference between learning something and really ‘getting it’. Fortunately Eric Pulier is gracious and outgoing enough that he never shies away from sharing what has made him so successful. Eric Pulier made it to Los Angeles in 1991 after graduating from Harvard. He immediately jumped into the tech industry and since then has been a successful investor. Pulier’s work is growing more and more in demand and now he is sharing some of the techniques that makes him so effective.


Any conversation with an entrepreneur, particularly one that aims to be enlightening, should start with how they approach their business planning. Eric Pulier isn’t exactly out of this world when it comes to his approach, but he is so patient and methodical that it works nearly every time. Pulier says simply, “I try to write down key words of ideas and inspirations that might hit at any time of day or night.” Pulier goes on to say that missing out on a key concept means it could “fade forever”. Finally, Pulier admits that he’ll let ideas just rest in the back of his head for days before he decides to go any further with them.


Looking past how he approaches his idea, Pulier is ready to disclose exactly what it is that he is paying attention to. Right now Pulier is focusing on genome technology. When probed as to what exactly he means by this Pulier goes on to say, “Genome editing with technologies like CIRSPR-Cas9 that allows permanent modification of genes within organisms.” Pulier goes on to say that this sort of technology could end up having “massive implications for the human race.” But the medical field isn’t Pulier’s only focus as he also believes in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is growing primarily around Bitcoin as an alternative currency. Pulier also believes that this could change everything.


No matter how you start or where you end up, Pulier knows that you have to settle with your shortcomings. Pulier says, “Every failure leads to something new and often better.” That is just good common sense.

Talk Fusion – Market Leader in Providing Video Marketing Products and Applications

Talk Fusion is a technology firm that started in the year 2007 and is today a market leader in the field of video marketing and communication application development. The company offers video-based applications such as video email and video chat that are interactive, intuitive, and highly advanced in nature, made precisely to help individuals as well as the enterprises to communicate with their clients and consumers. The company believes that embedding video in emails, webinars, online chat, and other forums can help in customer engagement by a high margin, and also help the businesses get a competitive advantage over the rest.



In a recent interview, Bob Reina said that the company is always evolving and engaged in research and development to devise products that are helpful for its customer base that includes large scale corporations as well as individual clients. The products of the company are equally useful for the corporate sector as it is for personal use, and it is this versatility of the Talk Fusion’s products that makes it so popular among the consumers.



Recently, Talk Fusion also launched a highly advanced video chat application by the name of Fusion on the Go, which is integrated with many useful features and also offers the option of creating a private room in the video chat itself. It can also be helpful in delivering webinar sessions from just mobile. The company uses advanced technology to develop its products and ensures that it keeps the requirements of the end users in mind when developing the products. Visit to know more about Talk Fusion.



Talk Fusion, even though a relatively young company when compared to many other tech firms, has managed to penetrate the IT Industry well. The company’s products are available in over 140 countries, and it plans to expand its business operations to much more in the time to come.



The usefulness of video marketing is getting popular with time and has also become an integral part of the online marketing techniques. Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion says that the companies have come to realize the importance of video marketing now, but the company has been working on it for over a decade, which only goes on to show the foresightedness and expertise of the company in the niche.

David Giertz: Ohio’s Own Sound Retirement Advisor

Social security is an integral part of any retirement plan. Financial planner David Giertz urges everyone who is planning to retire one day to weigh heavily on it. A survey carried out by the Nationwide Retirement Institute confirmed that most people retired ten years early if they were assured of security after they voluntarily stopped working.

The survey at continued to reveal that almost all of the respondents were motivated to retire early with the security that their advisors promised.

Most advisors had to assure their clients about their security for them to provide their services on However, over 80% of the respondents didn’t actually know what a good retirement package involved and they relied heavily on the perspective of their financial advisors.

The survey also confirmed that most retirees would move on if the process of planning a retirement provided by the financial advisor doesn’t involve social security on It also divulged that if the clients turned to social security before time, they risked losing approximately 300,000 dollars over a period of 25 years.

The study was divided into three categories which included; people who were under ten years into their retirement, people who planned to retire in the next ten years and people who had retired more than ten years ago. According to David Giertz the financial advisor, a client should always make the best out of their retirement plan and it should always include a good social security plan.

About David Giertz:

David Geirtz is a financial advisor. Currently, he works for the Nationwide Investment Service Corporation as the president. The financial advisor is in charge of the strategizing and distributing retirement plans in the private sector, regional firms, independent broker, wirehouse, life insurance, annuities, mutual funds and specialty markets.

Mr. David Giertz has over 30 years’ experience in the financial advising field. He is affiliated with reputable investment and financial companies which he has also worked for. David Giertz attended Millikin University for a BS degree and the University of Miami for an MBA.

Solving Cold Cases Faster with Securus Technologies

When I was assigned to the cold case department in our police department, my goal was to make short work of as many cases as I could so I could give residents the closure they were looking for. In many cases, all I really needed was to get the right people talking, and the leads would put me in a position to catch the person responsible. This was not the case with one suspect who literally fell off the face of the earth.


Despite numerous leads from witnesses who say they saw the suspect in town, they never panned out and I was always chasing my tail with this suspect. If he was in town, he was using the help of a tight network to keep him from getting caught. I was about to find out just how deep underground he really would be willing to go after I discovered a resource in one of the most unlikely places.


I was in the jail doing some research on another case, when the officers on duty informed me that Securus Technologies updated the call system and they were now using the LBS software to detect when inmates were talking about drugs, weapons, and other types of contraband in their cells. I knew that now of the inmates would talk to me about my cold case or my suspect, so I decided to listen in to see if there was any chatter going on that we did not pick up on.


That afternoon, the software alerted my team to a conversation an inmate had with his family, where they were talking about allowing a friend to remain in the pool house until the heat died down. It happened to be a friend of the fugitive’s girlfriend, and the pieces quickly began to add up. We were able to get the suspect in custody and he was later found guilty of all charges and will not be free in the near future.


Lime Crime Makeup: Playful, Glamorous, Androgynous, And More

Do you ever wonder how some young people become successful by taking a huge leap of faith?


Doe Deere is a fine example of a businesswoman who believed in herself, developed a strong work ethic and just jumped in. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup took a chance but never looked back.


GuestofaGuest interviewed the Russian born beauty who took her creative edge to the next level.


Today, Lime Crime is well-known around the world and has become a strong e-commerce shopping site, thanks to Doe Deere’s smarts, internet savvy background and a most unique brand.


Lime Crime makeup is not what you’re used to in the cosmetics aisle. First of all, the pigments are incredibly deep and potent. The makeup is long-lasting and designed that way and oh, the colors.


Doe Deere created her brand to bring vivid cosmetics on to the beauty playing field, something she saw as a big empty area in the industry. Then she struck hard, introducing makeup shades that were never worn by the majority of women out there. That meant Lime Crime lipsticks in liquid matte in colors like mushroom, squash, alien green, teacup blue, eggplant and this favorite, cement.


That’s right, weird-looking colors for the lips and super sexy. The brand got noticed on social media, and Doe Deere carefully began building her popular, cult favorite brand.


Lime Crime makeup is playful, glamorous, androgynous and anything else you want to be. The eye shadows are texturally beautiful, blendable and in happy bold shades that flatter every eye color.


Doe Deere knows her customers like glitter, fantasy, iridescence and shine, so she delivers in every new product that hits her e-commerce brand. Lime Crime is also sold in great brick and mortar stores like Urban Outfitters.


Hair, fashion and cosmetics all create your image, Doe Deere believes. The beauty maven recently started selling her own line of colorful hair dye in fab rainbow bright shades like orange, green, blue, purple and even dark grey. The formulas are gentle and conditioning while the colors all explode in beautiful pigments. In addition, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is ammonia free and vegan semi-permanent dye.


Doe Deere likes being creative, curious and artistic, and all three characteristics of her personality have helped her maintain her entrepreneurial spirit, growing brand and forward thinking.


Lime Crime is edgy and modern, the way makeup should be.


Link to the interview at GuestofGuest:


Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Innovative

Earlier in the year, Cancer Treatment Centers of America participated with Nantes Health and All Scripts to execute quicker reaction, to open up every office’s information frameworks and to consider improved data surges. The new approach offered a mix of redesigned work preparation and a speedier interface structure joined with oncologist records across the U.S. It accordingly spread the data with more a conspicuous smoothness and speed. Clinical Pathways, the entitled action plan, offered unmistakable results, paying little mind to isolating choices while emptying assembled issues and routinely updating the surge of all information and research procedures. Top tier executives proposed the new structure to join the best treatment regimens in quickening recovery through various care conventions with innovation driving each idea.

All Scripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America had also made fundamental treatment regimens and examinations between treatment choices possible. Computer entry of order protocols may now turn on quickly with a slight screen tap and are likewise reliable and precise. Besides, practically identical settlements and supporting clinical information ceaselessly continue running within the same stream while referencing responses and top reaction rates.

Treatment regimens map themselves to EHR in restrictive request tests and reflect integrative ways for dealing with several treatment changes. Specialists have included more direct, basic organizational requests and support for refreshing quality and ability through decreasing data instability. The integrative stage interfaces with patients and clinical staff while exchanging information.

Thousands of regimen treatment plans join to cover research and reactions in regards to cancer and its effects. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, likewise alluded to as CTCA, works its focal station in Boca Raton, Fla. It joins genomic testing with sectional treatment change through surgeries, radiation treatments, chemo-therapies and immuno-therapies and helps thousands of patients throughout Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Okla., and Atlanta.

For more information on CTCA follow them on Facebook.