How Desiree Perez Developed Into A Powerful Force In Music Behind The Scenes

Each year Billboard names its most powerful women in music. The list is made up both celebrities and those behind the scenes. It includes everyone from influencers to dealmakers. There are 100 women named. Desiree Perez, the chief operating officer of Roc Nation, came in at number 47.

Desiree Perez prefers to stay out of the limelight so that she can retain her privacy. She is known, though, as someone that is one of the toughest negotiators in the music industry. She negotiated the deal that resulted in Sprint making a $200 million investment in Roc Nation’s Tidal, for example. Five months after the ink dried Jay-Z dropped his latest number one album, 4:44. The deal with Sprint resulted in one million people being able to download this album for free.

Another deal that Desiree Perez handled was the one between Roc Nation and Live Nation. In April 2017 a deal was signed between the two parties that is worth $200 million. It covers the Jay-Z touring partnership between Roc Nation and Live Nation and Desiree Perez handled all of the details on Roc Nation’s behalf.

For over twenty years Desiree Perez has had a close business partnership with Jay-Z. At Roc Nation she is involved in all facets of running the company. This includes not just negotiating details with other companies but also labeling operations and publishing. Along with her husband, Desiree Perez is a member of what’s known as the Hova Circle of Influence. This group has a great deal of influence in the music industry. She has been referred to by Jay-Z as his secret weapon. When he needs a deal done right he turns to Desiree Perez to bring her negotiating ability to the table.


Hussain Sajwani Founder of Damac Properties Company

Damac Properties Company is a public company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was formed from the Damac Group founded in 1976, by Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani. Damac is among the leading property companies in the Middle East. The property company belongs to the Engineering, Construction, Architecture and Real Estate industry. The company specializes in residential, commercial and leisure properties in Dubai and the Middle East.


The company enjoys the supply of products and services from big companies all over the world. Damac Group receives real estate development services from the Trump Organization, Inc. based in the United States. Damac Group also receives products from LVMH. The company supplies Damac Groups with watches and jewelry, wines and spirits and leather goods. It closely works with the National Marine Dredging Company which has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The dredging company provides reclamation, geotechnical and marine logistics and survey to the company. It owns the Damac Real Estate Development Limited. The company has opened its branches in Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Damac Group provides hospitality services too. The company owns some hotels and serviced villas.


The DAMAC owner has a close relationship with the president of the United States, Donald Trump. The two are business partners in the Real Estate Industry. Moreover, they are very close friends. Trump and Sajwani jointly invested in the Trump International Golf Club. The golf club has a value of $2 billion. The two business partners are planning to invest more in real estate projects.


Hussain Sajwani is a businessman and entrepreneur. He went for his degree studies at the University of Washington. He joined the business world soon after graduation. His career started at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as a contracts manager. In 1982 Sajwani entered the catering business that saw him build many hotels in Dubai. Sajwani family used profits from the catering business as capital for other companies. Mr. Sajwan gives back to the community. The billionaire assisted the government of United Arab Emirates to clothe needy children. They donated money towards the campaign carried out by the UAE top government officials.


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Rights of the Immigrants

Groups fighting for the rights of the human rights have been formed all around the globe. The rights that these groups fight for include human rights, civil rights and the rights of the immigrants.

The coalition for humane immigrant rights ( CHIRLA)

The group is headquartered in California and is based on fighting for the rights of both the immigrant individuals and families. The group is an agent in ensuring that there is a free mobility of the immigrants to participate in democracy. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The overall result aimed at the group is that all people including immigrants are all-inclusive. The group aims at dealing with changing the public opinion thereby gathering power in hanging the policy of all people. The group came into being after the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act that illegalized hiring of a worker with no documents.

The Amazon Watch

The Amazon Watch is an environmental based organization that was formed with the aim of advancing the indigenous people right. The group has it’s headquartered in the Amazon Basin in San Francisco. The growth of large projects such as the oil and gas pipeline initiated the formation of the Amazon Watch. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

The roots of this group are deeper in committeemen to fighting for the rights of immigrants and also the civil rights. The program works through organizing large litigations throughout the country, conducting outreaches and also through advocacy through supreme courts and district courts.

Advocates for human rights

It is a group that is focused on fighting for the human rights across the globe. The work to bring changes locally, regionally and also globally. They are majorly funded by volunteers.

Lacey & Larkin Fonterra Fund

Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media co-founders, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, have decided to be committed to funding organizations throughout Arizona that are advocated fighting for the rights of immigrants. The two co-founders raised large profits from the Phoenix New Times. They have decided to support the rights organizations with the bigger part of the profit.

From their arrest that happened on the night of October 2007, a settlement worth $3.7 billion resulted. A sheriff, Joe Arpaio from the Maricopa County arrested Jim Larking and Michael Lacey that night. They were then imprisoned after being found guilty. They had been accused of releasing information about the proceedings of the jury that covered the reporter’s notes on sheriffs’ issues.

The stories about the Lawman were not to be covered in the online media, and the jury went further to seek the readers of the stories as put forward by the New Times. In a case that is prevalent in the court of appeal for months, Jim Larking and Michael Lacey sued the county.

In this, the two co-founders have spent most of their part and time in their career trying to defend their first amendment right. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s donations are aimed at helping the organizations to fight the rights that the immigrants have been denied.

Lacey and Larkin

American history is rife with never ending discrimination. You name it—Whites against Blacks, Blacks against whites, Straights against Gays and Lesbians, Irish against Italians and men against women.

It is still going on, and people have formed all sorts of rhetorics about why it happens, who is at fault, what should be done and what the future holds. Sometimes, one person’s rhetoric is diametrically opposed to another person’s rhetoric in some way or another. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

From these ideas and rhetorics, civil rights organizations have been formed to procure a better future for humanity.

Jewish People

Ever heard of “the wandering Jew?” This phrase is a reference to the fact that Jewish people have been persecuted and/or forced out of all—or most–countries that they have lived in for thousands of years.

They currently live all over the world and are made up of a very diverse array of people. Religiously, they run the gamut from being very secular and atheistic to being very religious Jews who practice their ancestral religion and live traditional, fundamentalist lifestyles.

Jewish is an ethnicity, a culture, a religion; and sometimes it is difficult to define what a Jew is. Jews come in many colors and shapes. Jews have made their way up in the world and can be likened to “model minorities.”

However, there are still people who identify as Jews, or who are culturally and/or religiously and/or ethnically Jewish on all socioeconomic levels of human civilization.

To protect themselves from having their rights degraded, they formed organizations to address their issues and to forward their interests. the Anti-Defamation League is an organization that was started for that purpose. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It champions pro-Zionist views and keeps on top of who is talking or acting against Jewish people. The Anti-Defamation League has also branched out to take on the concerns of other racial and ethnic minorities.


Hispanics have had similar problems as Blacks in American society. They faced problems due to a confusing mix of discrimination in America, aspects of their cultures, politics in their own countries and America, subjugation and violence.

Two kind gentlemen, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, were well-informed about this situation. Their experience of living in the state of Arizona opened their minds to these issues, and lead to the founding of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. However, they didn’t just stop there.

They made it so that their organization supports institutes for a variety of civil rights plights.

Rick Smith Helps Make Securus More Successful

Rick Smith has done quite a lot of work to ensure that Securus will be a more successful company, and he knows that the company will benefit quite a lot from the new technology and options he has proposed. He wants to give people a reason to use his company over others, and he believes that it will make a difference to all who are hoping to reach inmates in jail. A secured phone line is required, and Securus offers quite a lot including the new technology that Rick has requested.

#1: Rick Smith Believes In Technology

Rick believes in releasing new technology to his customers, and he has pushed quite hard to ensure that the people who are in need of a video call may take it. He has asked for voice recognition, and he has an app that he wanted his company to use. There are many people who will rely on the app, and there are many more who find the video calls to be Godsends.

#2: The Company Offers Better Video Services

The secure lines that are used by Securus will be quite a lot of fun to use because they provide a better video experience for everyone. Someone who was hoping to see their loved ones may replace a standard visitation with a video call, and they will see morale rise in the jails because the people who are in jail are given more chances to see the people they love.

#3: The App

The app that has been offered by Securus is an important one that anyone may download, and they may use it on any mobile device. There are many devices that people will be able to use, and they will find that they may start calls from any part of the world. They are not limited at all in the work they do, and they will find that it is much easier to reach people they love when they have the support of this app.

#4: Customer Care

The customer care team is quite strong, and they know how to help people who are in need of assistance. They are willing to patch through call for the people who need them, and they will show their customers how easy it is to get the calls to complete. They will handle all account issues, and they will save time and money for their customers at the same time.The choices that people make when reaching out to the jails should be influenced by the companies they may use. There are many people who will call jails with Securus, and they have Rick Smith to thank for the advanced technology they are using on each call.

Nabors Industries Limited CEO, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the lead CEO, president and chairman of Nabors Industries Limited. Commonly referred to as Tony by the people who are familiar to him, he is based in Hamilton Bermuda. Nabors Industries is the world’s largest geothermal power plant and natural gas drilling center. They have deals in continents and areas like the Middle East, USA, Far East and Africa. The company was established in 1968, and it was called Anglo energy back then.Tony went to Harvard University and Yale University. When he was at Harvard, he acquired a J.D degree, and BS and MC degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. The career of Tony started when he was taken by a law firm called Baker and McKenzie in 1979. He managed the New York division from 1985 to 1991.

He was at Nabors in 1991 acting as a chief operating officer. In 1992 he went ahead to become the president there. He was made the deputy chairman of Nabors Industries in 2003 until 2012. Since 2012 he has been the CEO and chairman of the board of the company. He is a director and board member at Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, MediaOnDemand and Texas Children’s Hospital.Petrello has had a successful compensation year in 2015 that was at 27,512,989 dollars and got 1,580,077 dollars as salary. On top of that, he had a bonus of 7,727,000 dollars, a stock of 16,863,656 dollars and compensations worth 1,342,206 dollars.

The roommate that he had in school, Lloyd Grove is a fan of him who sees his fortunes and just admires it. He says that Tony Petrello is an excellent businessman who has changed since he left school and is now old, enviable and has all features of an alpha male. Tony’s fortunes are far from his; he says that Tony has surpassed his accomplishments and he feels that Tony Petrello is the one leading among all the college mates.His daughter Carena has a condition called Periventricular leukomalacia, and she is now learning how to walk and talk. Together with his wife Cynthia, they have an active role that they play on the board of Texas Children’s Hospital. He sponsors research and contributes on ideas. He has given over 7 million dollars that will lead to curing the PLV and other diseases. Follow him on twitter :

Eric Pulier’s No-Nonsense Approach to Investing

Sitting down with a successful entrepreneur can be the difference between learning something and really ‘getting it’. Fortunately Eric Pulier is gracious and outgoing enough that he never shies away from sharing what has made him so successful. Eric Pulier made it to Los Angeles in 1991 after graduating from Harvard. He immediately jumped into the tech industry and since then has been a successful investor. Pulier’s work is growing more and more in demand and now he is sharing some of the techniques that makes him so effective.


Any conversation with an entrepreneur, particularly one that aims to be enlightening, should start with how they approach their business planning. Eric Pulier isn’t exactly out of this world when it comes to his approach, but he is so patient and methodical that it works nearly every time. Pulier says simply, “I try to write down key words of ideas and inspirations that might hit at any time of day or night.” Pulier goes on to say that missing out on a key concept means it could “fade forever”. Finally, Pulier admits that he’ll let ideas just rest in the back of his head for days before he decides to go any further with them.


Looking past how he approaches his idea, Pulier is ready to disclose exactly what it is that he is paying attention to. Right now Pulier is focusing on genome technology. When probed as to what exactly he means by this Pulier goes on to say, “Genome editing with technologies like CIRSPR-Cas9 that allows permanent modification of genes within organisms.” Pulier goes on to say that this sort of technology could end up having “massive implications for the human race.” But the medical field isn’t Pulier’s only focus as he also believes in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is growing primarily around Bitcoin as an alternative currency. Pulier also believes that this could change everything.


No matter how you start or where you end up, Pulier knows that you have to settle with your shortcomings. Pulier says, “Every failure leads to something new and often better.” That is just good common sense.

Julie Zuckerberg is accomplished at finding the right talent for the workplace.

Julie Zuckerberg carries out the duties of the Talent Recruitment Commissioner, while happily employed by the enterprise, Deutsche Bank. Julie has shaped a vast quantity of recognition for herself, from her history of knowledge, to her vast training credentials. She is highly touted for her accomplishment of operating intimately with commerce executives in the private asset aspect of business, as well as the fiduciary facet of management. Ms. Zuckerberg is known to enhance business by her keen ability to form important connections, as well as to execute critical, high level executive interactions that, more often than not, pertain to industry stockholders. Her highly qualified leadership is frequently regarded as being utterly essential for bringing in a competent workforce and her recruitment procedures are welcomed for producing a steadfast and enduring effect on the quality of an enterprise’s productivity, and which often acquires unusually competent and resourceful industry workers.


Julie Zuckerberg had the know-how to successfully execute the duties of the Senior Supervising Recruiter prior to updating her standing to that of Staff Acquisition Director. She has also greatly enhanced her experience from earning a promotion to the status of Vice President, at the enterprise Deutsche Bank. During this promotion, her aptitude was increased by supervising connections with top-quality commerce ventures, to form an important mix of laborers. Julie Zuckerberg has also formed valuable connections with a lot of industry contacts, to better manage the hiring policy for bringing in proficient workers. This is essential for satisfying available openings; case in point, United States Compliance and Central Supervisor, as well as Shareholder Connections.


She has performed extremely well with her duty in the role of Principal Worker Locator, while working at the company Hudson Global. This was Julie’s first business responsibility, back in 2002. During her many years at the Hudson, she hired a plethora of legal agents and trained senior executive groups for numerous agencies. This constant influx of workers satisfied an array of vacancies. After she departed from her duties at the Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg devoted herself to the agency, Citi Global. While laboring at this bank, she strengthened her skills as the Primary Staffing Recruiter. This rank allowed Julie the independence to make use of sophisticated and cutting-edge options for finding recruits by looking on the internet, making use of social media and express sourcing of staff. These are only a few of the highly valued and in fact, revolutionary approaches that were employed successfully by Julie, to locate the most suitable staff available. She imbues a competency to take on a large quantity of responsibilities and during her employment at Citi Global, Julie earned the rank of Vice President. A number of Julie Zuckerberg’s benevolent deeds involved the relocating of newly hired workers, assisting staff through the intricacies of immigration, all the way through to actual repatriation.


Her skills acquired as the company V.P., while at the New York Life Insurance Company, imbued Julie with the aptitude to competently fill empty positions with recruits.



Hussain Sajwani and his Successful Business


Damac Properties is connected with astonishing showcasing stunts, breathtaking advancements or fairway ventures made with Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani is the originator of Damac and lives in Dubai. He has been a successful businessman. Hussain Sajwani is responsible person thanks to the United States for the sustenance benefit provided to the United States Army for Desert Storm.


The food business is as yet being served by Damac. It helps Sajwani to remember the mastery he initially obtained in business and his capacity to develop kinships of significance on a worldwide premise. These attitudes are by and by being utilized as Damac exploits UAE costs on property that is beginning to recoup. He is contemplating giving offers with the Stock Exchange in London with the IPO as a conceivable setting. Considering the structure and size of his organization he has plenty of choices accessible.


Sajwani has come to a significant separation from the nourishment business he initially set out on in the 1980’s. He was in charge of cooking services provided to specialists in Abu Dhabi. Indeed, even with contracts with the U.S. Armed force the sustenance business was not sufficiently massive, and the edges were too weak. He needed to make billions not millions.


By 2002 Dubai was beginning a blast in the land. That is what made Sajwani acknowledge land was what’s to come. Damac started assembling advancements that were excellent and utilized deals as the way to having a working plan of action. He was one of the people who saw a business opportunity that was on the way. He cut his expenses and held his money. It was the manner by which he got Damac through the emergency.


Sajwani has demonstrated he has the insight and down to earth learning required to be useful in his preferred field. He comprehends the significance of curtailing when it gets to be distinctly vital.

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Norman Pattiz Announces “Beyond the Darkness” on the Jericho Network

Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, is taking a journey of the supernatural kind in with the new podcast Beyond the Darkness. Researchers and witnesses of eerie happenings will come together on the Chris Jericho podcast network to engage in discussions on ghosts, demons, monsters, aliens, and mysters too bizarre to explain.


The Jericho Network seems a solid fit for this show, Pattiz noted. In the time Chris Jericho’s shows have been on PodcastOne the coverage has reached well beyond the world of professional wrestling, creating an ever-expanding audience of listeners.


Jericho seems equally excited, stating that hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, known names in the world of paranormal coverage and commentary, will undoubtedly bring more listeners to the Jericho Network with Beyond the Darkness while continuing to broaden the type of content they have on offer.


Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by David Schrader and Tim Dennis, releasing every Monday on PodcatOne, made available on their app and through iTunes.


About Norman Pattiz:


Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One, which grew to become the largest radio network in the United States, bringing CBS News, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, the Summer and Winter Olympics and a whole host of entertainment options to listeners regardless of region or time of day. In 2010, Pattiz expanded his media empire with the Courtside Entertainment Group, then centered his focus on online audiences with PodcastOne, reaching listeners all over the world with content curated for more discerning audiences.


Outside of his capacity in business, Pattiz has had a hand in communications on behalf of the government as well. he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Bill Clinton in 2000, then reappointed to the same position by his successor George W. Bush. This made Pattiz responsible for overseeing broadcasting services that receive government funding like “The Voice of America”, “Middle East Broadcasting”, and “Radio Free Europe” to name a few. Aside from this responsibility, Pattiz also regulated Arabic and Farsi language programming in the United States and abroad, reaching audiences in more than 22 countries, more than 40 million in total.


Thanks to his extensive career in communications and his many contributions, Pattiz was added to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He was also awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting in the same year.

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