Helane Morrison Contributions in the Finance Industry

Helane Morrison is one of the most influential women in the world. Currently, she works as the chief compliance officer of an institution known as Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital Partners is one of the largest advisory companies in the United States. Helane is also a member of the organization’s committee.

The advisory company tries to explain how investors lost their trust in most of the financial institutions after the harsh economic crash that took place in 2008. Many investors currently place their finances in this organization. Helane Morrison and her team are working hard to rescue the public by enforcing integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance in all the dealings in the finance department.

People who known Helane say that she is very sharp, assertive and extremely hardworking. She has proved that women can be very successful in the compliance industry. According to her, all the investments done on behalf of a client must be ethical and stable. Together with the team at Hall, Helane ensures that all brokerage firms, mutual fund advisors or financial advisors chosen by the company go through some thorough investigations. When they are finally trusted with the client’s finances, the company is sure that the money will be completely safe.

To ensure that the firm is successful in its plans, Morrison has a team of qualified enforcement staff. When any type of anomaly is suspected, this team is responsible for the disciplinary actions that involve correctional practices. In some instances, criminal charges are pressed. These strict rules have changed many financial institutions in the country.

Before getting this position at Hall, Helane Morrison had the opportunity to work with several companies. In the year 2007, she was the head of SEC. At this post; she was in charge of enforcing securities, regulatory compliance and litigation matters in North California and other states in the Northwest. She also represented the institution in any legal activities, financial communities, business relations and government agencies. When she was head of this organization, she managed to deal with fraud cases involving some of the most respected executives in companies such as HBO

Before getting the position at SEC, Helane Morrison was practicing law at a law firm in the country. She worked hard and in 1991, she became a partner in the institution. She was responsible for business litigation, internal corporate investigations, defense of private securities and SEC matters. Her contributions to this law firm are respected up to date.

John Goullet Facilitates Diversity in Workplaces through DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies and the current chair of DIVERSANT, LLC. Over the years, Goullet focused his company on understanding the IT staffing and corporate needs of his clients thereby providing them with the services they require. From its entry into the market in 1994, Info Technologies has strived to be the best service provider while managing a large clientele. Goullet and Gene Waddy merged their companies, forming one of the largest African-American IT staffing companies in the United States.

Info Technology mergers with DIVERSANT

Gene Waddy graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Waddy is the owner and founder of DIVERSANT, a company that specializes in IT staffing. Before establishing DIVERSANT, Waddy worked as the National Director for Infrastructure Service at Spherion Technology. His knowledge and experience in IT staffing led him to develop DIVERSANT.

Waddy and John Goullet founder of Info Technologies agreed to merge their companies and formed DIVERSANT, LLC. Both companies share the same mission and have succeeded in providing services to Fortune 500 companies. DIVERSANT, LLC offers its services to GlaxoSmithKline, Verizon, Bank of America, and Met Life. Waddy serves as the company’s chief executive officer, and he continues to come up with transformative tactics that foster diversity in the workforce and supply. This new company has a board comprised of many stakeholders who occasionally work to evaluate the company’s performance.

John Goullet and Info Technology

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who studied at Ursinus College headquartered in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Early in his career, Goullet worked as an Information Technology consultant and later joined the IT staffing business. Having worked in the business for a while, he began his company Info Technologies. The company was the best in IT staffing as it developed staffing solutions that met technical staffing needs. The company pioneered in providing staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

Goullet invested a lot in the company, which in turn, grew into a multi-million dollar business earning him $30 million in a span of five years. Info Technologies also won awards and was listed among the best privates companies in the United States.

Success and Progress in Digital Reputation Management

We are living in a world where being an entrepreneur is something to be embraced, no longer wined at. Entrepreneurs for a long time have been the miniature backbones that have kept our economy constantly growing. However, despite how successful entrepreneurs can be nowadays it still isn’t an easy job. Just ask Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher. Fisher has been an integral part of the digital reputation and management world for the better part of the last three years. Now he is sitting down and talking about what makes him tick.


If you ever get a chance to sit down and talk to Darius Fisher you’ll immediately come to the realization that he is a focused individual, ready to bring his company to the next level. Asked what made the biggest difference in his entrepreneur based life he answered that it was focusing on “the direct line to the money”. Fisher’s favorite book is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and he is a firm believer in the power of a prepared individual. Though Fisher can spout off every entrepreneur platitude in the book, he also lives by the words.


From 2012 to 2015 Fisher observed and helped partake in over a 1,000% increase in terms of growth from his company, Status Labs. During this period of time Status Labs went from being a moderately successful PR firm to becoming one of the most active companies in the industry. Based out of Austin, Texas we have seen Status Labs get embraced by their local community. Status Labs is now opening up offices around the globe, bringing on more clients than ever.


Fisher is as much a part of Status Labs’ success as his employees. He has been a steady hand on the steering wheel for a company that is navigating some mysterious waters: places where companies like his have never been. As more and more people turn to Status Labs for their PR management ability we expect the company to explode more in growth, leading Fisher to become something of a household name for entrepreneurs and those who follow them.