The Impressive Life and Career of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, an international leader in the field of geothermal and natural gas drilling. Petrello has experienced great success and rewards throughout his lifetime. In his career, he has had a great influence and leverage over the contemporary oil industry. Anthony Petrello also has a tremendous management experience, with vast knowledge in the utilization of many business strategies.

Petrello received his education from the universities of Yale and Harvard. At the University of Yale, he was awarded a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in the study of Mathematics. Harvard presented Petrello a Juris Doctor in Law. After completing his studies, Petrello started assembling his career by starting with a job at the Baker and Mackenzie Law Firm. His great amount of time and experience gained at the Baker and Mackenzie Law Firm, allowed him to hold the position of a Managing Partner, opening doors to even more opportunities and experiences.

Nabor Industries Ltd hired Petrello as COO in 1991. He worked his way up the ranks, becoming CEO in 2011. In 2012, he also became the Chairman of the Board of the Nabor Industries. Due to Nabor Industries’ extreme success, Petrello is currently one of the world’s highest paid CEOs. Nabor Industries presently owns over 500 rigs in 50 different countries around the world. It also claims to have one of the largest oil rig fleets.

Petrello also currently serves as the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC,, and Texas Children’s Hospital. At Stewart & Stevenson, LLC, Petrello produces and designs parts for oil rig equipment for high ranking oil companies all over the world. Petrello helps manage the online distribution and streaming of ebooks and audiobooks at Texas Children’s Hospital seeks the knowledge of Petrello on developing programs that help neurotically disordered children.


David Giertz: Ohio’s Own Sound Retirement Advisor

Social security is an integral part of any retirement plan. Financial planner David Giertz urges everyone who is planning to retire one day to weigh heavily on it. A survey carried out by the Nationwide Retirement Institute confirmed that most people retired ten years early if they were assured of security after they voluntarily stopped working.

The survey at continued to reveal that almost all of the respondents were motivated to retire early with the security that their advisors promised.

Most advisors had to assure their clients about their security for them to provide their services on However, over 80% of the respondents didn’t actually know what a good retirement package involved and they relied heavily on the perspective of their financial advisors.

The survey also confirmed that most retirees would move on if the process of planning a retirement provided by the financial advisor doesn’t involve social security on It also divulged that if the clients turned to social security before time, they risked losing approximately 300,000 dollars over a period of 25 years.

The study was divided into three categories which included; people who were under ten years into their retirement, people who planned to retire in the next ten years and people who had retired more than ten years ago. According to David Giertz the financial advisor, a client should always make the best out of their retirement plan and it should always include a good social security plan.

About David Giertz:

David Geirtz is a financial advisor. Currently, he works for the Nationwide Investment Service Corporation as the president. The financial advisor is in charge of the strategizing and distributing retirement plans in the private sector, regional firms, independent broker, wirehouse, life insurance, annuities, mutual funds and specialty markets.

Mr. David Giertz has over 30 years’ experience in the financial advising field. He is affiliated with reputable investment and financial companies which he has also worked for. David Giertz attended Millikin University for a BS degree and the University of Miami for an MBA.

Let Ignition Financial Help Your Business To Get The Auto Loans You Need

Almost any business will need a car or several cars in order to stay in business, so it’s no surprise when a business chooses to buy a fleet of cars to serve their customers or to help their business thrive. Even a business will need loans to finance all the cars that they are purchasing, especially when it’s two or more. A business owner who has the credit rating to purchase several cars may still want to consider looking into refinancing for their fleet of cars, especially since it can mean a big savings for the business.


Even those businesses who are considering buying a fleet of cars can work with Ignition Financial to get started in the buying process, and they’ll be able to get in on the ground floor on purchasing their cars with the lowest financing rates as opposed to refinancing later. Refinancing is still possible, even when the business starts the financing process with Ignition Financial because things change all the time, and it’s always possible to get lower rates, especially when the buyer makes on-time payments and has a good credit history. Many businesses may be paying a higher rate now than what they can get with Ignition Financial.


The benefits of working with Ignition Financial is being able to slash my payments, which is something that many companies think about when they have a bottom-line to consider on a monthly basis. Why should a company pay $5000 a month for a fleet of cars that they can possibly be paying $3000 a month for if they get refinanced? It’s never a good idea to let the opportunity of refinancing a car or several cars go to waste, whether you’re a business or an individual trying to get lower payments.


Since Ignition Financial can save anyone money, even individuals who are not using their car for business should refinanced with the company because they’ll be able to see a savings in the amount of money they are paying now as well as reduced interest payments. Many families need every dime that they can keep in their pocket, so reduced payments that can save a family $100 a month or more can be very significant for those who need it. Let Ignition Financial be your first stop for refinancing any car loan, and you’ll see that not all refinancing companies are made the same.