Infiltration Attempt on George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Flops

About George Soros

When it comes to global forums where issues of global economic concern, investments, finance and socio-political affairs are deliberated upon, no one’s views and opinions will be more respected than those of billionaire George Soros. Soros, the chair of Soros Fund Management LLC, has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers of our time. The Hungarian –American has his roots in Hungary where he was born in 1930 in Budapest. He was born at a time when communism was widely practiced, and NAZIs had taken control of Hungary. Also, his birth coincided with the Second World War that he survived.

Soros fled his homeland and went to England where he would later pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. After his studies, Soros moved and settled in the US. His appetite for entrepreneurship motivated him to establish International Investment Fund. He managed the fund and accumulated a good fortune. George Soros had high ambitions as a hedge fund manager thereby making him successful in financial markets. Also, Soros is a respected author in economic and political issues. His books have been among the best-selling while his articles feature among major global newspapers. Some of his books include The Tragedy of the European Union (2004), Financial Turmoil in Europe and the USA, The Crash of 2008 among other notable books.

His philanthropic efforts saw dozens of black students in apartheid thorn South Africa get a university education. Also, George Soros aided other students in Eastern Europe study abroad not to mention his efforts in establishing the Central European University in Budapest. His philanthropic effort in building the Open Society Foundation in 1979 is iconic. The foundation is based on the principles of respect for humanity, accountability, and good governance. See:

James O’Keefe’s Infiltration attempts on Open Society Foundation

One of the staff members of the Soros Open Society Foundation was recently confronted by an unusual encounter when a conservative activist James O’Keefe made an unexpected call to the institution. O’Keefe intentions for calling, however, were malicious. According to Geraghty Dana, who was on the phone, the activist identified himself as “Victor Kesh” and a Hungarian national. He claimed to be interested in getting involved with the society to fight for European values. He later ended his call by asking Dana for a person he could contact and left her with his contacts. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

However, O’Keefe was not intelligent enough to hang the phone before picking a conversation with another unidentified person. In the voicemail extracted, he is overheard instructing the other person not to say a word before he hangs up. Furthermore, he proceeds with a 10-minute discussion on how he intends to execute his plan. He suggests some other individuals to makes 100 of such calls to the organization. Also, he suggests opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page to access some information to ease his plan. This, however, would expose his LinkedIn account. Later Dana forwarded the voicemails to the Chris Stone, the president of the organization who ridiculed O’Keefe terming him technologically naïve.

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 BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

Thor Halvorssen Backs The Principles Of Bernie Sanders

The rise of Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential election cycle has caused concern among many conservative commentators following the decision of the candidate of the Democrat’s to describe himself as a Democratic Socialist. Thor Halvorssen was recently invited to give his views on socialism on the Fox Business channel because of the personal experience Halvorssen has of living and working under socialist governments in Europe and Latin America. The film producer who recently developed a documentary on the uprising in Hungary against Communism explained why he feels Sanders is the right candidate for the U.S. Presidency despite his concerns over the use of socialist policies.

Thor Halvorssen has become a well known figure within the human rights community for his role as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum. The basis of the opinions Thor Halvorssen gave on the use of socialism around the world are largely based on his human rights experience and the personal experiences he has of socialist policies in his home country of Venezuela.

In Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen lived for many years under a series of left leaning governments who used a small number of socialist policies in their bid to create a successful nation for the population. As Halvorssen saw in Venezuela and areas of Northern Europe where socialist principles were combined with a range of traditional policies socialism can be a success. However, the socialist principles that helped Venezuela become a success in Latin America have been hijacked in the view of Thor Halvorssen to allow government officials the chance to push their own personal interests over the needs of the nation. Halvorssen believes it is important to remember those in positions of power are responsible for caring for their citizens and should not be allowed to force political ideologies on the public, as has happened with the growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that has unfolded with prices fixed by government officials.

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