Julie Zuckerberg is accomplished at finding the right talent for the workplace.

Julie Zuckerberg carries out the duties of the Talent Recruitment Commissioner, while happily employed by the enterprise, Deutsche Bank. Julie has shaped a vast quantity of recognition for herself, from her history of knowledge, to her vast training credentials. She is highly touted for her accomplishment of operating intimately with commerce executives in the private asset aspect of business, as well as the fiduciary facet of management. Ms. Zuckerberg is known to enhance business by her keen ability to form important connections, as well as to execute critical, high level executive interactions that, more often than not, pertain to industry stockholders. Her highly qualified leadership is frequently regarded as being utterly essential for bringing in a competent workforce and her recruitment procedures are welcomed for producing a steadfast and enduring effect on the quality of an enterprise’s productivity, and which often acquires unusually competent and resourceful industry workers.


Julie Zuckerberg had the know-how to successfully execute the duties of the Senior Supervising Recruiter prior to updating her standing to that of Staff Acquisition Director. She has also greatly enhanced her experience from earning a promotion to the status of Vice President, at the enterprise Deutsche Bank. During this promotion, her aptitude was increased by supervising connections with top-quality commerce ventures, to form an important mix of laborers. Julie Zuckerberg has also formed valuable connections with a lot of industry contacts, to better manage the hiring policy for bringing in proficient workers. This is essential for satisfying available openings; case in point, United States Compliance and Central Supervisor, as well as Shareholder Connections.


She has performed extremely well with her duty in the role of Principal Worker Locator, while working at the company Hudson Global. This was Julie’s first business responsibility, back in 2002. During her many years at the Hudson, she hired a plethora of legal agents and trained senior executive groups for numerous agencies. This constant influx of workers satisfied an array of vacancies. After she departed from her duties at the Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg devoted herself to the agency, Citi Global. While laboring at this bank, she strengthened her skills as the Primary Staffing Recruiter. This rank allowed Julie the independence to make use of sophisticated and cutting-edge options for finding recruits by looking on the internet, making use of social media and express sourcing of staff. These are only a few of the highly valued and in fact, revolutionary approaches that were employed successfully by Julie, to locate the most suitable staff available. She imbues a competency to take on a large quantity of responsibilities and during her employment at Citi Global, Julie earned the rank of Vice President. A number of Julie Zuckerberg’s benevolent deeds involved the relocating of newly hired workers, assisting staff through the intricacies of immigration, all the way through to actual repatriation.


Her skills acquired as the company V.P., while at the New York Life Insurance Company, imbued Julie with the aptitude to competently fill empty positions with recruits.



Helane Morrison Contributions in the Finance Industry

Helane Morrison is one of the most influential women in the world. Currently, she works as the chief compliance officer of an institution known as Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital Partners is one of the largest advisory companies in the United States. Helane is also a member of the organization’s committee.

The advisory company tries to explain how investors lost their trust in most of the financial institutions after the harsh economic crash that took place in 2008. Many investors currently place their finances in this organization. Helane Morrison and her team are working hard to rescue the public by enforcing integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance in all the dealings in the finance department.

People who known Helane say that she is very sharp, assertive and extremely hardworking. She has proved that women can be very successful in the compliance industry. According to her, all the investments done on behalf of a client must be ethical and stable. Together with the team at Hall, Helane ensures that all brokerage firms, mutual fund advisors or financial advisors chosen by the company go through some thorough investigations. When they are finally trusted with the client’s finances, the company is sure that the money will be completely safe.

To ensure that the firm is successful in its plans, Morrison has a team of qualified enforcement staff. When any type of anomaly is suspected, this team is responsible for the disciplinary actions that involve correctional practices. In some instances, criminal charges are pressed. These strict rules have changed many financial institutions in the country.

Before getting this position at Hall, Helane Morrison had the opportunity to work with several companies. In the year 2007, she was the head of SEC. At this post; she was in charge of enforcing securities, regulatory compliance and litigation matters in North California and other states in the Northwest. She also represented the institution in any legal activities, financial communities, business relations and government agencies. When she was head of this organization, she managed to deal with fraud cases involving some of the most respected executives in companies such as HBO

Before getting the position at SEC, Helane Morrison was practicing law at a law firm in the country. She worked hard and in 1991, she became a partner in the institution. She was responsible for business litigation, internal corporate investigations, defense of private securities and SEC matters. Her contributions to this law firm are respected up to date.

Helane Morrison Continues To Make Tough Stands

Everyone wants to maintain integrity throughout their lives. However, it takes a special kind of commitment for a person to play by the rules throughout, and not everyone has an outstanding character to keep themselves and those around them on the right path.  It therefore takes a special type of person to thrive as well as police in that kind of environment. Such a person is Helane Morrison.

All through her career in journalism and government service, Helane has worked earnestly in the prevention of corruption and protection of the vulnerable. She is definitely a key player in the industry today. Her focus ranges from the naming and shaming of corrupt brokers to the revolution of the financial workplace. She has made her mark for the past three decades and continues to be exceedingly influential.

As the global economic crisis of 2007 – 2008 set out, people worldwide received the shock of their lives as the institutions they had depended and trusted upon came crumbling down. As banks were being bailed out by the government and unemployment reaching unprecedented levels, questions that had remained unasked for a long time had to be asked.

The economic crash of 2007 – 2008 was by far the worst financial crisis ever experienced since the 1930’s Great Depression. The crash shed light on the unethical behavior that had become rampant throughout the financial sector. With every unturned stone was the revelation of fraud, underhand dealings, and falsified records. This clearly pointed out the amount of corruption in the industry.

The saga continually deepened with the revelation of falsified audit claims and destruction of key documents. The result of all this was the collapse of the Stock Market, foreclosure on homes, high rate of unemployment and loss of faith in Wall Street.

But one officer is making a stand against the rampant corruption and unethical practices that plague the financial sector. Helane Morrison, the Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners is keen on restoring order to the industry. She is also the Chief Compliance Officer at the firm. Ms. Morrison was tasked with heading U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission San Francisco Officer from 1999 to 2007.

Prior to SEC, Helane had practiced law at a San Francisco law firm from 1986 to 1996. In 1991, she was elevated to partner. Helane practice put emphasis on business litigation as well as internal corporate investigations. Before working in private practice, Ms. Morrison was a law clerk for the Supreme Court under Justice Harry A. Blackmun.

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