Davos’ New Investment App Captures The Financial World’s Attention

Davos Real Estate Group has recently been promoting it’s newest software application, the Davos CAP Calculator. The project was spearheaded by Gerard Gonzalez, the companies executive director, under the preview of the companies CEO, founder and chair of the board, David Osio in conjunction with the well known tech company, Tecknolution. Osio explains in several public statements that the purpose of the Davos CAP Calculator is to help clients better understand their potential gains before investing by allowing users to calculate the net gain of a property investment by figuring in the associated aggregate expenses of the venture. Additionally, the Davos CAP Calculator allows users to identify a myriad of various property locations as well as directly connect to their Davos agent via live chat to more quickly and efficiently get to the heart of their investment plans.

The app is currently being developed and disseminated for two primary mobile platforms, those being the iPhone and the Android platforms respectively. However, with that being said, the company does plan to expand the app, both in terms of functionality, as well as platform compatibility moving forward. The goal, the company’s project manager, Gerard Gonzalez publicly states, is to give investors a clear fiscal vision for their portfolios.

According to Davos CEO, David Osio, the app came to fruition due to the high demand from his United States client base for a predictive measure for risk assessment before they made large property investments. Because of this the CAP Calculator was born. This ability to read and appreciate his clientèle is one of the primary reasons why Mr. Osio has been so successful in business. For instance, Mr. Osio started out his career in business in Venezuela as the head of the Legal Desk MGO where he catered to a multinational client base. Shortly thereafter he moved on to a latin international bank in Miami, where, again, he handled a extremely diverse client base. In all of these instances he was highly successful and the CAP Calculator app seems like an outgrowth of Osio and Davos’ ability to adapt, evolve and, most importantly, listen.

Twenty Three Layers Knows What a Perfect Party Is. Do You?

From fashion school to the party planning industry, Lauren Conrad has seemingly done it all in her short life. Though she admits to once being a fairly stressed out party thrower, her husband has surely helped her calm down by educating her on the importance of throwing a party for your guests rather than yourself. A celebration should be free from stress, and Conrad has enjoyed sharing with the public the most important ways to keep a party fun rather than uncomfortable, especially if you are the one throwing it.

Choosing a theme for an event is exciting, but Conrad cautions against it being too over the top simply because that will discourage the guests from attending. The small details matter at a party and using them as an opportunity to incorporate your personality is more than fine. Finally, Conrad and her husband encourage hosts to have as much fun as their guests because, after all, parties are supposed to be fun, right?

Though simple, Lauren Conrad’s party planning tips foreshadow the way that event planners in NYC conduct business. Known as the party capital of the country, New York City’s party planning industry is competitive at best. As a result, an event planning company NYC should convey what makes them stand out.

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company that is anything but average. This detail-oriented company can truly deliver on all fronts and has an impressive list of clients that will support their claim of being one of the greatest companies in the entire country. Their marriage of trends with vintage elements satisfies people with all tastes, of all ages, and with all different types of needs.

Whether a person needs to have the wedding of the century or a first birthday party that will complete any baby book, Twenty Three Layers understands the elements that should accent every table, fall from every corner, and adorn every invitation. Though they eliminate their clients’ stress, they never worry about their tasks at hand because they are professionals equipped with the necessary experience and attitude for this industry. From the venue to the menu, Twenty Three Layers does not disappoint.

Wen by Chaz Is the Best Hair Conditioner

Soft and healthy looking hair brings joy to many ladies. Some men also love smart looking that makes them look sharp and handsome. To maintain your hair and make it look stunning at all moments is not an easy task. Various hair conditioners are sold in beauty wholesale and retail shops. Some are genuine, but others are counterfeits. The counterfeits and poor quality hair conditioners are not recommendable to use.
The fake hair conditions are sold at a low price to compete with the original ones. Going for the original one is the perfect idea and the solution makes your hair perfect and ridiculous. The Wen hair conditioners offer the best solutions to their clients’ hair problems. Below are the importance of Wen hair conditioner and other essential cleansing products.

They give the hair the desired stylish look

The Wen hair conditioner provides an excellent opportunity to their users to have fantastic hair styles. They make the hair look shiny and attractive. The designs are easy to make and therefore the products makes the management and maintenance of the hair an easy task. Check out Sephora.com for their products.

The Wen hair conditioner is the best choice for all types of hair

Various people have wrong misconceptions and beliefs that their hair cannot become soft and attractive. These views should come to an end because the Wen hair Shampoo and conditioner solves all these problems. The Total Beauty marketed products give the hair an elegant and stunning look. Therefore it is perfect for all types of hair.

The conditioners give the hair a shiny and fabulous look

Using the Wen hair conditioner and shampoo makes it easy to clean the hair. It is always recommendable to keep the hair clean to maintain good amazing looks and to ensure proper hygiene. The hair gains the shiny look after washing with these top notch shampoos.

Read more about Wen hair: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html


The Fixed Results Are In!

Let’s face it. Everyone walking the face of this planet has some skeletons in their closet. Thanks to the digital age of the internet and social media, these skeletons are more transparent than ever. In addition, slander and libel have also become much more commonplace. In this day and age, there are so many vices for people to use that assist in assassinating someone’s character. This is why we need to carefully consider everything we post on the internet. Something simple as a portrait can be photo-shopped to the extent it may cast a negative light of that particular person.

SEOs(Search Engine Optimization) makes things even more easier in bringing up damaging things on someone. For example, let’s say someone photo-shopped a photo of you kissing a puppy, then turned it into you strangling a puppy on their blog site. Suppose their blog was optimized to pop up when a person runs a google search on you. A person who searches google for you may possibly perceive that you are some sort of lunatic who hates dogs.

This is where Fix Search Results comes into play. Fix Search Results is like the firewall for your online presence. If they can manage the reputation of Fortune 500 companies, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they are a reputable company.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to take up their free, no obligation quotes. The moral of the story is to be careful when you decide to post things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It may very well come back to haunt you.

Fabletics Combining e-commerce with Retail Stores

A recent article in racked, written by Adele Chapin, detailed an exciting new plan for expansion in the works for one of America’s most dynamic clothes manufacturers, Fabletics. Fabletics is a leisure athletic wear clothing company doing an extensive amount of business in the newest form of retailing, e-commerce. They have a new plan to achieve brand identity and for further expansion of the brand in the clothing industry. Not only do they have Kate Hudson as spokesperson and model but she is an active part of the clothes selection process, and leisure wear has become a hot fashion statement.

Leisurewear is comfortable and hip. It spans the gap from sweatsuit casual to alluringly tight yoga pants which allow young women to display the results of their efforts at the gyms and yoga studios. Fabletics is a division of JustFab the brainchild of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

There has been a movement in the United States of America away from the retail mall and toward online e-commerce (check them out on Pinterest). Buying online has great advantages, which include the savings of time and money. Who would have thought that all brick and mortar stores would experience business at a time when major retailers like Sears and J.C. Penney were doing away with their catalog sales divisions.

There is hope for those shoppers who enjoy spending the better part of a day in Malls walking, shopping, being part of the scene, only stopping for lunch and dinner in the confines of the food courts and making it an experience enjoyed many in America. Now with malls losing stores, Fabletics is planning on opening an additional 100 more locations in brick and mortar stores around the country. They had, already, opened locations in malls and discovered that having the physical locations is enhancing e-commerce sales. The Fabletics stores will offer women the chance to try on the fashions and feel the fabric and sense the quality. Once the customer has an idea of the fit and quality, they may purchase the item in store or purchase it online when returning to home. Fabletics offers the best of both worlds and should make millions of buyers of athleisure happy.

This new series of retail stores do not have to be large in size because all colors and sizes are available online, and it will be here where most of the actual buying takes place.

This is the ultimate win-win situation and will help to perpetuate the existence of malls and the millions of mall shoppers.


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Goettl’s Massive Improvement

One of the top air conditioning and heating companies in the United States is Goettl, a company that is truly dedicated to providing the best services possible at an affordable price for every single customer. This 75 year old company, despite the company’s most recent success, has not been without troubles within the company. If it was not for Ken Goodrich who bought the company in 2012, it is likely that this company would have been one of the many sinking companies. When this company was bought in 2012 by Ken Goodrich, he found that the company not only lacked a vision, but also lacked any confidence to run a successful business. With so many competitors winning over this air-conditioning and heating company, Ken Goodrich came at the opportune time to turn the entire company around.

After 18 months of hard work and of perseverance to turn the company around, Goettl earned a $20 million revenue in 2014 which was almost double the amount than the $11 million that was made in 2012. As a businessman who has fixed countless other companies, Mr. Goodrich stated that he found something special when it came to this company. with time and effort, Mr. Goodrich was able to turn this company around by giving the workers a vision for the company and the confidence and motivation to truly make the company great again. With excitement and expertise, this 75 year old company has become the best at what it is good at.

The key to the success of Goettl was in the building of a reputation for the company that would defeat their historical reputation of being an inexpensive and inefficient company. With the assembly of a new management team, Mr. Goodrich was able to bring in new experts that knew and understood the name of the game when it comes to business. Thanks to his hard work, the company was able to accept 84 employees as well as 58 vehicles to operate.

The key to the success of Goettl was in improving the company’s customer service as well as the quality of the installation. As the owner of this company, Mr. Goodrich even required for each installer to do a quality check in the installation to make sure that the customer earned exactly what they paid for. Thanks to Ken Goodrich, this 75 year old business as been able run smoothly and efficiently.

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How IAP Worldwide Has Helped Companies Grow and Thrive

IAP Worldwide is one of the biggest logistics companies in the world and has worked with both civilian and government projects alike. Because of its size and abilities, it is no wonder that IAP Worldwide has been a wonderful resource for those looking for facilities management that they feel they are going to be able to trust for themselves. For anyone interested in getting this type of help, IAP Worldwide is there to make life easier for you in general and provide you with the services that you are going to need.

IAP Worldwide is a relatively large company with over 1,000 employees all over the world. Their main location for their office can be found in Florida, but they offer services all over the world, especially to military and government personnel. Because of their experience with working with so many different industries, it is no wonder that so many people make use of their services and are constantly keeping updated on what’s new with the IAP Worldwide company.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

IAP Worldwide can also be found on a variety of social media sites for those looking to keep updated on what’s new. IAP Worldwide can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a number of other sites as well. Because of the benefits of using IAP Worldwide, a lot of people are following up on the different types of social media accounts that they might have. Make sure that you keep updated on what IAP Worldwide can offer to you as well if this is something that you will want to make use of in the future.

Now that you know the benefits of using IAP Worldwide and a little about their company, you will want to keep track of what’s new by visiting an array of their social media accounts to see what’s new with the business. When you make use of IAP Worldwide, you are using one of the largest professional and advanced services out there, making it easy to know that you are using a company that you know you are going to be able to trust with everything that you need to have done for individual or business ventures that are on hand.

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Infiltration Attempt on George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Flops

About George Soros

When it comes to global forums where issues of global economic concern, investments, finance and socio-political affairs are deliberated upon, no one’s views and opinions will be more respected than those of billionaire George Soros. Soros, the chair of Soros Fund Management LLC, has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers of our time. The Hungarian –American has his roots in Hungary where he was born in 1930 in Budapest. He was born at a time when communism was widely practiced, and NAZIs had taken control of Hungary. Also, his birth coincided with the Second World War that he survived.

Soros fled his homeland and went to England where he would later pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. After his studies, Soros moved and settled in the US. His appetite for entrepreneurship motivated him to establish International Investment Fund. He managed the fund and accumulated a good fortune. George Soros had high ambitions as a hedge fund manager thereby making him successful in financial markets. Also, Soros is a respected author in economic and political issues. His books have been among the best-selling while his articles feature among major global newspapers. Some of his books include The Tragedy of the European Union (2004), Financial Turmoil in Europe and the USA, The Crash of 2008 among other notable books.

His philanthropic efforts saw dozens of black students in apartheid thorn South Africa get a university education. Also, George Soros aided other students in Eastern Europe study abroad not to mention his efforts in establishing the Central European University in Budapest. His philanthropic effort in building the Open Society Foundation in 1979 is iconic. The foundation is based on the principles of respect for humanity, accountability, and good governance. See: http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

James O’Keefe’s Infiltration attempts on Open Society Foundation

One of the staff members of the Soros Open Society Foundation was recently confronted by an unusual encounter when a conservative activist James O’Keefe made an unexpected call to the institution. O’Keefe intentions for calling, however, were malicious. According to Geraghty Dana, who was on the phone, the activist identified himself as “Victor Kesh” and a Hungarian national. He claimed to be interested in getting involved with the society to fight for European values. He later ended his call by asking Dana for a person he could contact and left her with his contacts. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

However, O’Keefe was not intelligent enough to hang the phone before picking a conversation with another unidentified person. In the voicemail extracted, he is overheard instructing the other person not to say a word before he hangs up. Furthermore, he proceeds with a 10-minute discussion on how he intends to execute his plan. He suggests some other individuals to makes 100 of such calls to the organization. Also, he suggests opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page to access some information to ease his plan. This, however, would expose his LinkedIn account. Later Dana forwarded the voicemails to the Chris Stone, the president of the organization who ridiculed O’Keefe terming him technologically naïve.

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 BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

Wealth Solutions Helps Customers

Wealth Solutions is a company dedicated to helping people succeed with their finances. Over time, the company has helped thousands of people with their money problems. Richard Blair is one of the main leaders within the company, and with his vision the company has grown rapidly. Wealth Solutions has a basic plan that anyone can follow. Finances are not as complicated as many people believe.

Debt Management

One of the keys to success with finances is debt management. Far too many people struggle with debt in their daily lives. When a person has multiple debt payments every month, it is difficult to build up cash to invest. Wealth Solutions works with people who are interested in paying off debt quickly. Often times, debt companies will take less than what was originally owed on the debt. This debt settlement is taxable, but it is a way to pay less in order to settle debt. Wealth Solutions has a comprehensive plan for every client they work with.


Investing is the biggest key to building wealth. Few people are able to build wealth without some direction in this area. Wealth Solutions works with clients to develop an investing plan based on their risk tolerance. This is a great way to get exposure to the market in a way that makes you comfortable. There is no reason to worry about swings in the stock market. Over time, this is the best place to invest funds for the future. A Wealth Solutions professional can walk you through all of the pros and cons in this decision.

Future Growth

Wealth Solutions is a company poised for growth over time. With a strong balance sheet and customer base, the company has a lot going for it right now. Anyone who needs help with their finances should work with a professional from this company. Wealth Solutions can help clients pay off debt, invest or simply map out a plan for their future. Over the next few years, many industry experts expect the company to continue growing. Anyone who needs a little extra guidance should get in touch with them today.

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Talk Fusion: Watch Your Business Grow

On the Talk Fusion website, there is a motto which says, “It’s our business to grow your business.” This means that you don’t just start up your business and you are left all on your own. Lots of people want to work from home and the reason is because they are unhappy with their jobs. They are stuck at jobs that suck the life out of them and make them unhappy. Life is far too short to be this unhappy. It isn’t worth it and it isn’t the right way to live. Bob Reina saw this, knew this, and took action right away.

Because of this, they care about your business as if it were their own. They give that level of commitment and that level of care. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you have all of the tools, information, knowledge, and wisdom to succeed. Think of them like a friend in your corner, rooting you on, and giving you good advice. They will stand by you and give you one hundred and ten percent. They won’t just leave you out to the wolves all on your own. You don’t get that personal touch with any other company except Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video marketing solution company.

Growing is important in all aspects of life. You need to grow to succeed and you need to grow to stay happy. Adaptation is a big part of life and adapting to what’s happening around you and in your world. You need to be able to be ready for whatever life throws at you and whatever is around the corner. This way, you are successful, growing, and most of all, happy. With the help of Talk Fusion and their tools along with your hard work, anything is truly possible in today’s world.

Learn more about Bob Reina and Reina’s efforts to make video chat easy.

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